How to Fix Apple TV not Working on Roku - Apple TV on Roku

The arrival of Apple TV+ has at long last shown up and keeping in mind that it’s extraordinary that there is an immediate mix with iOS and macOS gadgets, apple tv on Roku, there’s something surprisingly better.

Apple chose to grow its walled nursery to incorporate other streaming gadgets including Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV.

In any case, at whatever point there is another delivery on another stage, there will undoubtedly be bugs and that is by all accounts the case with Roku owners.

Numerous clients have tracked down that the Apple TV app for Roku isn’t functioning as publicized or anticipated.

Is the Apple TV app compatible on Roku?

The main inquiry that you should pose is whether the Apple TV app will work not working on the Roku gadget you are utilizing.

After Apple declared TV+ support for Roku gadgets, the organization made an advantageous rundown in regards to which gadgets will be compatible.

For what reason is the Apple TV app not working on my streaming device

One of the most widely recognized issues for the Apple TV app for Roku not working is after you have signed into your account.

Reports of undermined film documents have been spanning the web and Apple’s Community Forums after pursuing TV+ with your Roku.

Others report comparable issues, for example, getting a message that specific recordings are inaccessible or the gadget can’t see them for reasons unknown.

And afterward, at long last, clients have announced not in any event, having the option to sign into their Apple TV+ account, despite realizing that the password is right.

The most effective method to fix the Apple TV not working on Roku

Fortunately for Roku owners, you don’t need to run out and drop your TV+ membership or spend more cash on something like an Apple TV.

All things being equal, there are a couple of various strategies you can try out to get the TV application chipping away at your Roku streaming gadget.

Take a look at uninstalling, restarting, and clearing the store on Roku

The clearest reaction to an application not chipping away at pretty much anything is to uninstall it and afterward re-introduce it.

Yet, even before that, you can endeavor to take out the spider webs by restarting your Roku first. Here’s the way you can restart your Roku:

  1. Press the Home Button five (5) times on your remote
  2. Press the Up Arrow once
  3. Hit the Rewind Button twice
  4. Press the Fast Forward button twice

This will restart your Roku after a couple of seconds, and then, you can attempt to open the Apple TV application once more.

While restarting the Roku, this technique consequently clears the reserve on your Roku, basically getting two birds with one stone.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to uninstall the Apple TV app and afterward reinstall it onto your Roku gadget.

  1. Press the Home Button
  2. Move to one side until you feature the Apple TV app
  3. Press the Start Button on your remote to open the Options Menu
  4. Select Remove Channel and affirm

Once finished, you will need to restart the Roku again utilizing the means above.

Is it accurate to say that you are utilizing two Apple Ids?

iOS gadgets, and all the more critically, iTunes, have been around for a long while.

It’s a well-known fact that individuals have a propensity of making various Apple ID profiles when they can’t recall the secret phrase or just simply forgot.

In certain occurrences, people utilize both Apple ID accounts with one assignment for iTunes and the other for iCloud.

At the point when you run over that issue, you need to guarantee that the right email/Apple ID has been gone into the TV+ application on your Roku.

Here’s how you can sign out of the mistaken Apple ID:

  1. Press the Home Button
  2. Move to one side until you feature the Apple TV application
  3. Open the Apple TV application
  4. Scroll to one side until you arrive at Settings and press OK on your remote
  5. Press the down bolt to feature Accounts and press OK on your remote
  6. Select Sign Out
  7. Confirm that you need to Sign Out

Did you introduce the Apple TV app on an SD Card?

Some Roku gadgets are outfitted with SD Card openings which permit you to store files and other content, yet additionally applications.

Nonetheless, it appears to be that Apple has made it so its TV application can’t be introduced straightforwardly onto an SD Card.

All things considered, you should eliminate the application from the card and introduce it onto the Roku straightforwardly.

This is what you’ll have to do if you’ve introduced the application on an SD Card through your Roku:

  1. Uninstall the Apple TV application from your Roku
  2. Unplug the Roku and eliminate the SD Card
  3. Plugin your Roku and force it on
  4. Re-introduce the Apple TV app
  5. Sign in to your Apple TV+ account

From here, you can either continue down the strategy for marking in with your Mobile Device or just with your username and password.

It’s prescribed to have a go at marking in with your cell phone, particularly if you have two-factor validation (2FA) introduced.

It’s obscure whether Apple will fix this “bug” and make it conceivable to introduce the TV application on an SD card.

For now, we wouldn’t prescribe re-downloading the application to the SD Card and simply leave it introduced on the Roku itself.

Apple TV+ membership not working or appearing on your Roku?

Apple TV + is Apple’s unique content streaming feature. On your Roku, Apple TV+ is accessible through Roku’s Apple TV application/channel.

If the Apple TV app is chipping away at your Roku however you can’t associate with your Apple TV+ membership, we should take a look at a couple of tips to help.

  1. Update your Roku(s) to their most recent programming variants in Settings > System > System Update
  2. After refreshing, power off your associated TV, stand by 1-2 minutes, and force it back on
  3. Then, check if your Apple TV+ membership appears
  4. Sign out of the Apple TV application, restart your TV, and afterward sign back in
  5. Uninstall the Apple TV application, power your TV off then back on, and afterward reinstall the Apple TV application from Roku’s App Store—and sign in with your Apple ID.

Accommodating tips:

This is a fresh out of the plastic new pursuit for Apple as it fans out into the wild universe of working with other streaming gadgets.

That doesn’t imply that Apple didn’t require some investment to hurl some additional stunts on its sleeve to bring a few “Apple Magic” to Roku.

Sign in utilizing your cell phone

It is irritating difficult and recalls your username and password for each help, application, or whatever else that you use.

Apple knows this and has remembered an element to utilize your cell phone for the request to sign in, given that you have downloaded the Roku application on your iPhone or iPad.

When marking into the Apple TV application on Roku, you are incited to sign in utilizing the Roku remote (Sign in On This TV) or utilizing your mobile gadget.

As we referenced above, you should have the Roku application introduced on your iPhone or iPad with the end goal for everything to fall into place.

Be that as it may, it makes marking in such a ton simpler.

View your Library

Odds are you have developed an incredible broad Library of content through iTunes and presently the TV application.

With the Apple TV application, you are as yet offered admittance to the entirety of your content and can see everything through the Roku application.

There are areas for your Recent Purchases, alongside TV Shows, Movies, and anything shared through Family Sharing.

Be that as it may, the TV application likewise separates your content into various classification’s so you can track down the right film dependent on the state of mind of the day or night.

Utilize your iPhone as the Roku remote

Monitoring controllers can be irritating as these controllers effectively get lost, lost, or only straight-up vanish.

At the point when you download the Roku application, you eliminate the requirement for keeping the Roku remote close to you consistently.

After downloading the application, you can utilize your iPhone as the Roku remote to explore and track down the content you need to watch.

You can even switch between Roku Channels and pick content downloaded straightforwardly to the Roku to burn through if you have a viable Roku gadget.


Therefore, Apple has truly put it all out there with regards to getting the new Apple TV app and TV+ under the control of more clients.

Roku is one of the more well-known choices for streaming gadgets, as it’s likewise incorporated directly into different TVs.

Inform us as to whether you’ve begun utilizing the new Apple TV application on your Roku and how your encounters have been.

Meanwhile, let us think about your number one Apple TV+ shows that have been delivered since the dispatch of the streaming feature.