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Looking for a simple way to send videos, songs, or images from your phone or pc to your television? Do you have a Roku? Are you unable to connect Roku tv with your phone? If that’s the case, you’re in good fortune.

When you’re with family members and friends, you can utilize your Roku smart tv to wirelessly share data near the area TV screen instead of having everyone huddle inside your mobile. always use Roku Play to showcase personal pictures and videos, screen mirroring to display your smartphone’s entire screen, or casting to visualize films and shows you’ve by now started viewing on your mobile.

What is Play on Roku? – Connect Roku TV with Remote

It is a Roku mobile application feature that allows users to upload personal video content from their compatible mobile phone.

You can start sharing pictures and videos captured with your mobile phone, as well as music from your cellphone’s or tablet’s music library.

Devices that actually support Play on Roku are included in the Roku phone app, which is available for free on ios and Android platforms.

To effectively share content with Roku Play, link your mobile device to the very same wireless connection as the Roku player.

What is screen mirroring? – Connect Roku TV with Remote

Screen mirroring enables you to copy (or “mirror”) what you see on your suitable mobile device onto your Television screen. Everything you view on your phone is what you view on your TV – only bigger.

You can share almost anything that you can see on your phone or tablet, such as web pages, recordings, images, songs, and more.

What exactly is casting?

Casting allows you to control, or cast, a video, film, or Television series from your mobile phone to your TV via a Roku device. Just after content begins to play on your Roku player, you can use your mobile phone for other purposes or turn it off and handle playback only with your Roku remote.

  • You can cast video content, films, and Television programs from a smartphone application like YouTube or Netflix.
  • Most mobiles and tablets are among the devices that can be supported. If you view a casting icon in the application, you can probably use a Roku player to direct that data to your Television screen.

To effectively cast data, connect your mobile phone to the same wireless connection as the Roku device. Know all about how to direct data from applications on your mobile phone to your Television.

How to cast to Roku from Android?

Before we begin, please ensure that your Android gadget is operating version 4.4.2 or later. You can verify this by heading to Settings and selecting About. In addition, your device must be attached to the same router as your Roku. In the network segment of the settings menu, you can see which network your Roku is attached to.

To start mirroring on Android gadget, move to Settings, then Display, but then just Cast Screen. Next, in the top-right edge of the window, click the Menu button and verify the Enable Wireless Display small box. Your Roku should now be listed under Cast Screen.

If it does not appear, return to Settings and relaunch Cast Screen. When your Roku box or stick appears on the screen, simply press on it to connect. Whatever you view on your mobile phone is now clearly what you view on your Television.

The method differs slightly on devices made by Samsung, HTC, LG, and some other Android producers. For eg, mostly on Galaxy S5, the Screen Mirroring feature is located in the Connect and Share segment of the settings menu. As long as the gadget is running Android 4.4.2 or greater, you should be able to find a screen mirroring feature in the Settings menu as well as Display subsetting.

How to screen mirror from Android to Roku?

First, see whether your Android phone or laptop supports screen mirroring to Roku. The feature may be labeled differently on various phones. LG phones, for instance, may mark their casting characteristic as Screen Mirroring or Screen Share. Screen mirroring on Samsung devices is referred to as Smart View. Surprisingly, Google Pixel devices use the word Cast. Simply press on your device’s screen mirroring feature once you’ve found it. If you have over one Roku TV or gadget on your network, you will be prompted to select which one should display the content.

The Roku screen will then display a notification questioning you if you really want to cast your phone’s screen. If you want to continue using the same gadget to mirror your mobile’s screen, you can  choose “Accept” or “Always accept.” If you don’t want to mirror your mobile’s screen, you can choose “Ignore” or “Always ignore.”

The screen of your mobile should now be presented on your Roku TV.


Follow the steps outlined below to discover how to link the apple phone to the Roku TV.

  • Ascertain that the iPhone is connected to the internet.
  • If your iPhone has active internet access, follow the instructions below.
  • Check to see if the phone is in close proximity to the Roku TV.
  • Navigate to the Application Store.
  • Look for the Roku application.
  • Get the Roku app and download it.
  • To find devices, launch the Roku app.
  • The Roku app displays a list of available devices for pairing.
  • To pair your Television with your apple phone, select it from the list.

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