DirecTV now on Chrome - Directv now not Working - Fixed

DirecTV Now is an American satellite specialist co-op that is an auxiliary of AT&T. It has a great many clients and is frequently thought to be the go-to support for utilizing satellite telecom. Recently, the stage was likewise made accessible for Android and iOS gadgets.

Therefore, when utilizing the assistance for DirecTV on Chrome. Clients experience a variety of issues where some of them incorporate the video not playing, being stuck in buffering, or the screen staying with full buffering.

There are a few varieties of errors. That may happen on your end and is not listed here.

In this article, we will go through every one of the potential causes concerning. Why do these issues happen and what are the solutions for tackling them.

What causes DirecTV Now not to work on Google Chrome?

Since DirecTV Now streams videos like Netflix or YouTube. Their reasons for not working are like that of their partners.

We did a broad review and after social affair every one of the outcomes. We resolved that there were a few reasons why DirecTV. Now not working on google issues happen. Some of them are recorded beneath:

  • Corrupt information in cache:

Almost every site (particularly streaming features) utilizes Google Chrome’s cache. Where they store brief information. This information in some cases gets bad and causes issues.

  • Multiple tabs:

We additionally went over a few situations where. If the site was open in more than one tab, it didn’t stream as expected.

  • Extensions and promotion blockers:

Extensions and advertisement blockers change your web insight. By examining your traffic and offering various types of assistance or features. These occasionally struggle with your program and cause a few issues.

  • Incorrect Time:

DirecTV Now utilizes your PC time for its inward purposes. Having erroneous time may struggle. With its mechanics and it may quit working.

  • Server blackouts:

DirecTV Now, as different administrations have worker blackouts occasionally. You can’t do anything here aside from standing by.

Ensure that you have your current credentials. As you may be needed to sign into the stage once more. Likewise, ensure that you are signed in as a chairman.

Arrangement 1: Closing Multiple Opened Tabs – Directv now on Chrome

Like Netflix, DirecTV Now likewise doesn’t uphold different tabs. The video either gets stuck playing or it neglects to cradle.

This is an exceptionally normal situation. And various tabs aren’t generally upheld in these video stages. Because the backend worker can just monitor one running occurrence at some random time.

At the point when you open different tabs. There are two transmissions rather than one and the backend can’t keep track of which stream to deal with against your account.

So close any additional tabs. You are utilizing and have a go at utilizing the assistance once more.

Arrangement 2: Clearing Cache and Temporary Data – DirecTV now on chrome

Sites/administrations utilize the reserve to store transitory information about the activity that is being performed or inclinations that are utilized over and over.

This information may get bad or go into an error expression every so often. This issue may end the activities of DirectTV Now and may deny you admittance to recordings.

  1. In this arrangement, we will explore your Chrome settings and clear reserve and transitory information.
  2. Type “chrome://settings” in the location bar of Google Chrome and press Enter. This will open the program’s settings.
  3. Navigate to the lower part of the page and snap on “Advanced”.
  4. Once the Advanced menu has been extended, under the segment of “Protection and Security”, click on “Clear browsing information”.
  5. Another menu will spring up affirming the things you need to clear alongside the date.
  6. Select “All Time”, really look at all choices, and snap “Clear browsing information”.
  7. After clearing the treats and perusing information, restart your PC.

Arrangement 3: Disabling all Extensions and Ad-Blockers

There is a huge client base that clients Ad-blockers at whatever point they utilize DirecTV Now.

Even though augmentations like Ad-blockers further develop the client experience, there are a few situations where it clashes and squares ‘genuine content’ from being shown on your screen. A similar case occurs with DirecTV Now.

You should have a go at handicapping a wide range of expansions that you are utilizing and check whether this fixes the issue.

To take a look at your program augmentations on Chrome, type “chrome://expansions” in the location bar and press Enter. You can impair any expansion by unchecking the “enable” alternative.

This will naturally cripple that augmentation from rolling out any improvements to your UI. Restart your program and check if streaming recordings are conceivable.

Professional TIP: If the issue is with your PC or a PC/note pad you should take a stab at utilizing Restore Repair which can filter the archives and replace corrupt and missing documents.

This works by and large, where the issue is begun because of a framework debasement.

Note: Try crippling each expansion (counting any additional items for video players). This may help investigate if a particular application is causing the issue.

Arrangement 4: Correcting Time in your Computer

DirecTV Now notes down the time in your local PC and utilizations it for interior purposes at the backend workers.

If the time at your PC and that of your district don’t coordinate, it may end up being an issue. These cases are seen when streaming Netflix or YouTube.

We additionally saw a few cases where the programming time wasn’t right so ensuring you check physically also.

  1. Press Windows + S to dispatch the inquiry bar. Type “settings” in the exchange box and open the outcome. Presently click on Time and Language.
  2. Now select the tab of Data and Time. Check if your date and time are set effectively. If not, uncheck the choices which say “set time naturally” and “set time region consequently”.
  3. Click “Change” under Change date and time. Set your time as needs be and select your fitting time region. Likewise, disable “Auto-sync time”.
  4. Save changes and exit. Restart your Chrome program and check if the issue is settled.

Arrangement 5: Checking in case Servers are Online

Since DirecTV Now likewise follows the worker foundation, you should check if the assistance is even accessible or not.

Like any remaining streaming stages, DirecTV Now additionally has a little personal time every so often. This may be either because of worker support or some issue/bug in the framework.

You should check sites like Down Detector or search in applicable discussions (like Reddit) and check if the workers are to be sure down.

Be certain that the workers are ready for action else you would burn through your time investigating the issue.

Arrangement 6: Reinstalling Google Chrome

Around the mid of 2017, DirecTV reported that it may be supporting its web administrations on the Google Chrome program.

This was expected to because different programs were sparsely utilizing and it looks bad to offer proceeding with help.

Since you can utilize Chrome and in case you are perusing this after attempting every one of the arrangements with no karma, there are chances that your program itself is to blame.

In this arrangement, we will uninstall the right establishment of Chrome and introduce a new copy.

  1. Press Windows + R, type “appwiz.cpl” in the discourse box, and press Enter.
  2. Once in the application administrator, find Google Chrome, right-click on it and select Uninstall
  3. Now press Windows + R and type “%appdata%” in the location and press Enter.
  4. Once in the Application information organizer, look for Google > Chrome. Erase the Chrome organizer from the directory.
  5. Now explore the authority Google Chrome site and download the furthest down the line form to an available area
  6. Run the executable and introduce Chrome. Presently take a stab at getting to DirecTV Now.


If none of the Methods have settled the issue for you, we suggest utilizing Restoro Repair Tool which can filter the stores to supplant bad and missing documents.

This works by and large, where the issue was starting because of a framework defilement. Restoro will likewise enhance your framework for the greatest performance.

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