Enter Link Code to Activate Your Roku Stream TV | Link Activation Roku

To activate your Roku Stream TV you need to enter a link code before it expires to link your streaming player to a Roku account. Your Roku account will hold all the information about the channels. That you have installed along with your personal preferences and settings that you have customized.

Roku enter link code
Roku enter link code

You will need to have a valid email address to link with your Roku account to manage your account. And to receive important account notifications and information. On the same note, you should choose a strong password to safeguard all your account and payment details.

Yes, you read that right, our skilled and experienced team members offer you assistance over your Roku enter link code or any other issues you might experience with your stream TV.

To activate your Roku device you need to follow the Quick Start Guide that came with your Roku device. You just need to enter the link code and get started with creating your account and filling in the credentials required and setting up all your preferences. After completion of all the online form filling, once your TV is connected, your Roku device will download new software that is the most recent update available.

Roku enter link code

Enter the link code to activate your Roku Stream TV

Your Roku device will then display a link code, you need to note down this code. And use it to enter the link code on the official website on your computer or mobile device. Before the code expires. Type in everything with accuracy so that you don’t make any mistakes. Then click submits and get your stream TV working ASAP.

If you experience any error or get stuck at a specific step, you can call our team for assistance to resolve your issues. You need to complete all the steps on the website. Before going to your Roku device or your account will not be activated. You just need to follow the instructions to create an account or if you have an existing account you can use your login details to access your account.

Although you will only be charged if you make a purchase. You will need to provide a valid payment method when creating a new Roku account. Which will allow you to purchase subscriptions to popular channels, and rent or buy movies and TV shows. Or make any other purchases from the Roku Channel Store. Adding a payment method won’t result in any charges to your account. All major credit cards and PayPal are acceptable payment methods. You can contact us in case you are having any trouble adding a payment method.

To prevent any unauthorized purchases, you can create a PIN for your Roku account. Once you enter the code and set up your account after the activation process, your Roku device is ready to entertain you.