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If your firestick remote not working or pairing, you are on the right page.

One evening, I was watching one of my number 1 motion pictures on my Fire Stick gadget. Then, I was practically part of the way through the film when I chose to go on vacation and pick a drink from the cooler.

I held out the Fire Stick Remote Not Working to the TV to stop the film, however, nothing would occur. Then, I squeezed the buttons more than once however the gadget wouldn’t react and the film would simply continue to play.

I pulled out the attachment from the force supply with the expectation that rebooting may very well get the job done.

Fire Stick rebooted regularly, yet the remote didn’t work. It took me a couple of more minutes to understand that there was a major issue with the Fire Stick remote.

If you have run into comparable difficulties and your firestick remote not working, you would need to sort it out.

Along these lines, here is a glance at the different causes and their answers I have found. Continue to peruse!

Firestick Remote Not Working

I have laid out normal reasons that cause issues with Fire Stick/Fire TV Stick Lite/Fire TV Cube distant.

Go through them individually and I am certain your remote will be working once more.

1. Check the Fire Stick Remote Batteries – firestick remote not working

Firestick Remote is one force-hungry embellishment. After having utilized Fire Stick for some time and running into the battery depleting issues many times, I can securely say that if the remote isn’t working, there is a colossal possibility the batteries have run out of charge.

The battery drains with no notice. If your firestick remote not working out of nowhere, I will put my bet on the battery.

Truly, I am not yet sure why the remote devour such a lot of battery power. In some cases, the battery runs dry in only two or three weeks.

The Firestick remote utilizations Alexa, voice acknowledgment, and voice order innovation. Some should nail the fault to Alexa.

In any case, dislike that the remote is continually tuning in. You should hold down the Alexa button on the remote for it to begin tuning in.

In any case the reasons, the only likely arrangement is to utilize acceptable quality, soluble batteries and keep the extras helpful.

Antacid batteries are awesome by a wide margin and they keep your firestick remote working the longest. However, don’t accept only any antacid. Purchase the mark from a presumed maker.

Seven days prior, I may have even suggested the battery-powered antacid battery just if I hadn’t experienced an issue with mine.

One of the remote batteries spilled out and a white build-up was kept on the connector. Indeed, even the spic and span battery didn’t work until I scratched off the white material.

In this way, pardon me in case I am not entirely certain with regards to the battery-powered batteries.

This additionally carries me to the point that it would be a smart thought to eliminate the batteries and check for any leftover stores from the battery spills on the connectors.

Furthermore, there is another thing I nearly neglected to tell. You would presumably definitely realize that the batteries have the ‘+’ (in addition to) and ‘- ‘ (short) closes. The connectors in the battery compartment additionally have the + and – sides.

The + side of the battery ought to be lined up with the + of the connector (and the minuses will consequently get adjusted). I have put the batteries the incorrect way and wound up battling with the remote for some time.

If your Amazon firestick remote not working even in the wake of cleaning the battery connectors and utilizing new batteries, continue to peruse for additional arrangements!

2. Did You Pair the FireStick Remote Already? – Firestick remote not working

Generally, the out-of-the-case Fire Stick remote comes pre-combined with the gadget. If it isn’t matched, you should do it naturally.

Or then again, if your new/substitution firestick remote not working, there is a possibility it isn’t combined accurately.

Matching is basic. Follow the means beneath.

1. Plugin Fire Stick into the HDMI port of your TV.

2. Power on both Fire Stick and your TV.

3. When Fire Stick boots up, hold down the ‘Home’ button on the remote for something like 10 seconds.

4. This will match the Amazon Fire Stick remote and it should begin working.

If it doesn’t match, press and hold the home button again for 10-20 seconds. By and large, clients needed to rehash the interaction a few times for a fruitful pairing.

Fire Stick can be associated with up to 7 Bluetooth gadgets including the remote regulators. If you have effectively associated 7 gadgets, you should separate somewhere around one of them.

• Select Settings from the Fire Stick home screen. Settings alternative is on the top menu bar

• Open Controllers and Bluetooth Devices

• You will see the rundown of the multitude of associated gadgets. Simply pick the gadget you wish to unpair and adhere to the on-screen directions.

Kindly likewise remember that if the remote doesn’t match with your Fire Stick gadget in the primary endeavor, attempt once more.

Normally, it associates the first run-through, yet in uncommon cases, it might take 2-3 endeavors.

If the issue perseveres, you should attempt the following arrangement number 3 for resetting and fixing the remote. It has worked for some clients.

3. Fire Stick Buttons Not Working

The buttons for the most part don’t work when the remote hasn’t as expected combined with your Fire Stick gadget. Hold down the Home button on the remote for no less than 10 seconds to combine it once more.

If it doesn’t work, follow the means to reset your remote and once again pair it with Fire Stick:

Note: The accompanying advances DO NOT reset your Fire Stick to manufacturing plant settings. They just reset and unpair your remote and pair it again with Fire Stick

1. Detach your Fire Stick from the force source (either turn off the connector from the electrical plug or the Fire Stick gadget)

2. Presently hold down the accompanying buttons (every one of them together) for no less than 20 seconds:

– Back button

– Menu button

– Left piece of the routing ring

3. Remove the batteries from the Fire Stick remote

4. Force on your Fire Stick and delay until you see the home screen on your TV

5. Addition the batteries back into your Fire Stick remote

6. Sit tight for 1-2 minutes

7. Your Fire Stick remote should have been effectively combined. If it hasn’t combined, hold down the Home button for at least 10 seconds

4. Is Your Fire Stick Remote Compatible?

This inquiry isn’t for the people who are encountering issues with them out of the container remote.

I’m discussing the controllers purchased independently. There is a good scope of in-house just as outsider controllers that work with Fire Stick and Fire TV gadgets.

Fire Stick additionally upholds Amazon and outsider game regulators that can be utilized as controllers to associate with the gadget.

Any Amazon official item that unmistakably expresses its similarity with Fire Stick will work with your gadget.

Be that as it may, in case you are contemplating purchasing an outsider remote or game regulator, ensure you find out it is intended to work with the Fire TV or Fire Stick gadget.

There are likewise some modest reproductions of the remote with a similar plan and format. These items effectively make look unique however in the long run don’t work.

Before you purchase an Amazon Fire Stick remote, confirm the validness of the seller.

5. Is Your Fire Stick Remote Damaged?

If you have the first item, you have likewise placed in the new batteries, and have attempted any remaining arrangements, presumably this is an ideal opportunity to think about how conceivable it is that the remote is harmed.

In case that is the situation, the lone alternative is to purchase a substitution remote. Fortunately, the substitution controllers don’t cost a ton. You can get them for around $10.

Proceed to find it on Amazon. You will discover a lot of choices. You may likewise discover a tweaked remote with extra, committed buttons for Netflix and other applications. A few controllers additionally have volume control.

Recall that custom controllers are not really from Amazon. Purchase the item with a high evaluating (somewhere around 4) and positive audits.

6. Amazon Fire TV Remote App – Your Backup

Amazon firestick remote not working yet? Or on the other hand, you just ran out of batteries at 12 PM and there are no extra batteries.

This doesn’t need to deliver your Fire Stick gadget pointless. You can in any case-control the gadget utilizing the Amazon Fire TV Remote App.

This application changes over your cell phone into a remote and allows you to associate with Fire Stick similarly as you would do with the actual remote.

Amazon Fire TV Remote application is accessible for both Android and iOS stages. Feel free to download the application and set it up with your Fire Stick or Fire TV gadget.

Simply ensure that your cell phone and Fire Stick gadget are associated with a similar Wi-Fi organization.

7. Other Generic Solutions

There are different reasons additionally that may cause remote difficulties. These are typically far-fetched, yet it would be delinquent of me to not specify them.

• The distance of the Amazon Fire Stick remote from the gadget is a factor to consider. The remote functions admirably when it is inside 10 ft of the gadget.

If you have a huge room or lobby, carry the remote nearer to the TV, inside the reach.

• The Fire Stick remote interfaces with the gadget through Bluetooth and not infrared beams. This implies that the remote and Fire Stick don’t need to be given one another.

In any case, keeping the gadget inside a bureau or in a walled-in area may deter the signs. It will be a smart thought to bring it out in the open to check whether that is the thing that was causing the issue

• Try not to keep a ton of electrical gadgets close to Fire Stick as it might cause impedance in the sign.


All the Fire Stick remote inconveniences I have encountered so far have consistently been identified with the batteries.

The remote empties the battery quicker than I like. Consequently, I generally keep saves. I have additionally introduced the Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working application on my telephone as a reinforcement.

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