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FYI Tv provides on-demand video from several of your favorite FYI network shows. However, there is a grab: this is a TV Everywhere channel, which means you must have the latest cable or satellite TV membership from a participating provider to take full advantage of the channel. There are, however, very few “unlocked” recordings from all of their currently offered shows that provide either clips or full episodes.

Steps to activate FYI TV streaming application –

FYI TV streaming apps can be accessed via a variety of devices. To determine whether your device can sign up, go to the app’s official website. Then, follow the steps below to activate FYI TV services on your device.

So, there are some steps to read carefully.

  1. To begin, you must connect your device to the internet. Ascertain that your devices are linked to a high-speed or steady internet connection.
  2. Now, you need to Select the FYI TV streaming app, which has been installed on your device. If the app isn’t already installed, navigate to the device’s application store and browse for the FYI TV streaming app using the search bar. After that, you must click on the download icon to install the app on your device.
  3. When you press on the FYI TV streaming app to access it, you will be taken to the application’s homepage. At this point, you will be prompted to fill in your FYI TV account info to gain access to your account’s subscription package. After entering your credentials, tap on “ the continue button.
  4. After completing the login procedure, you will be taken to a new page where an activation code will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Now you must go to To access this page, you must have a mobile device or a computer with a connection to the internet and browser access.
  6. You will be prompted to enter your account login information once more so that the system can verify that you all use a similar account from both devices. After logging in, press the Continue button.
  7. You will now be directed to the FYI TV activation page, whereby you can fill in the activation code that you earlier saved. Then press the continue. After following the on-screen guidance, you will receive an activation success text.
  8. Reboot your screen, and you’ll see that your account has been unlocked, allowing you to reach all of the platform’s content.

Guide to Activate FYI TV Channel on the Page for Roku device

  • To proceed, switch on your Roku device and ensure that it is attached to your television and wifi.
  • After you’ve finally turned on your Roku player and verified its connection to your Internet and Television, click the Home icon button on your Roku remote.
  • By tapping this button, you will be taken to your Roku device’s start menu or main screen.
  • Then, scroll down the page of the screen to access the Streaming Channels.
  • You must choose the Roku Channel Store under the Streaming Channels segment.
  • You will then be taken to the Roku Channel Store main section.
  • Then search for the FYI app. This application can be found by searching through the lists and categories given on the screen, or by using the search option.
  • Then, select the Add Channel feature and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the FYI app on your Roku player. The FYI app will be downloaded to your Roku player.
  • Once you’ve finished installing the FYI tv channel on your Roku device, return to the home screen. click the app from the catalog of channels.
  • You will be compelled to login into the app by using login details offered by your service provider on another screen of the FYI channel. After effectively signing in, you will most likely be given an activation code on your display. 

The nest steps are there:

  • After you get the activation code, you need to open a browser on a separate pc or mobile phone.
  • To open the URL, type into the address bar of your browser window.
  • When you start the URL on your web page, you will then be directed to the FYI channel activation document.
  • You must first select your gadget from the available options. Then you should choose the ROKU option if you want to activate the FYI app on your Roku.
  • When you select the ROKU alternative, you will be prompted to choose your TV provider from a shortlist. If your TV provider is not listed among the available options, you must select it from the drop-down menu labeled “More Providers.”
  • After choosing a TV provider, fill in your activation code in the given field and tap the CONTINUE button.
  • Following that, continue following the on-screen instructions to finish the activation of your FYI TV channel for your Roku player.

Easy Steps to Activate FYI TV With Smart TV

  • Link your device to the internet and turn it on.
  •  You need to go to your device’s application store and, in the search tab, type “FYI TV” using an on-screen keypad and press the search option.
  • Choose FYI TV from the list and, by using your remote control, press the install button.
  • Open the app as soon as the installation is finished.
  • You’ll see a registration or signup option on another screen.
  • Log in with your login details, or sign up if you don’t already have one.
  • With the next screen, choose whether to keep going with your Facebook/Google account or password and create a password.
  • As soon as you’re finished, select the continue icon.
  • After logging in, click ACTIVATE DEVICE” from the menu.
  • On your display, you will see an ACTIVATION CODE.
  • Make a note of the activation code for future reference.
  • Go to and choose your device.
  • The next step will be to select a TV service provider.
  • In the third step, fill the same Activation Code you wrote down earlier and press the Continue button.
  • On the next page, fill in all the same credentials you used to log in.
  • Reboot your TV screen, then you’ll be able to watch FYI TV on your gadget.

What to do to activate your Device to watch FYI For Apple TV:

  • Download and launch the FYI app from the Apple TV App Store.
  • If you see an activation code on your screen while using a pc, computer, or smartphone, go to
  • Choose your device
  • Fill out the activation code. 
  • Log in using your TV provider’s information.

What to do to activate your Device to watch FYI for amazon fire tv:

  • Install and join the FYI app from the Amazon Appstore on your Fire TV gadget; you would see an activation code on the display. To activate, move to:
  • Choose your device
  • Fill in the activation code that will appear on your Tv.
  • Log in using your TV provider’s information.

What to do to activate your Device to watch FYI for Mobile devices:

  • Get the FYI app mostly from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • While connected to a Wi-Fi network, launch the FYI app
  • Activate the “GET STARTED” button.
  • Sign in with your TV account’s username and password, or watch immediately if prompted to enter a code, at

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the FYI channel on Roku free?

Users can view FYI using Roku with Philo, fuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, AT&T TV, as well as the FYI application, among other streaming platforms. Most of these applications are free to download from the Roku Channels application store.

What can I view on FYI Network with the Roku device?

Watch Married At First Sight, Arranged, Tiny House Nation, as well as other programs online. All of your favorite FYI series are available to stream anytime and anywhere you wish. A new video is posted daily, so you’ll never run out of stuff to view.

How to sign in to gain Full Access to all FYI video content?

Users will be requested to pick the TV provider after selecting a Full Access video (indicated by the key symbol on the video). After you’ve chosen your TV provider, you’ll be sent to their website to sign in. You’ll be sent back to our website to look at the video you chose.

After successfully logging in, you will have Complete Access to every video material on the website.

I can watch FYI on television. Is this service already registered for me?

This facility is only accessible through subscribing television providers. You would require membership from a qualified TV provider as well as a high-speed internet service to view it. Kindly call your TV provider to see whether they are a member of this service.