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With the tremendous advancement of streams and innovations, Roku is also a popular device that has been created for real-time streaming films and audio devices. This device is well-known around the globe. Roku players help in streaming the content by accessing the internet. Yet, in some cases, it can generate errors such as Roku error code 018

What is Roku error code 018?

This Roku error code 018 is displayed on the screen when the Roku is unable to connect to the internet. The problem occurs because of a slow down or unstable broadband connectivity. There are numerous reasons behind the Roku error code 018. However, there’s nothing hard that you can’t manage. These reasons likewise have solutions and you can resolve them with the easiest steps. This blog will help you overcome Roku error code 018.

Steps to fix Roku Error code 018

The steps are easy and brilliant that will let you out of the issue. Just by following the below steps, you can resolve the Roku error code 018, trust us the issue will be resolved instantly.

Check the basic network connection

Before you go and try to troubleshoot, you need to look at whether your internet connection is working appropriately. Make sure the wifi your device is joined with is correct. In case it is the same router that you have, you can begin troubleshooting.

Another thing that you need to look at is the signal strength to which your Roku gadget is connected. Ensure that the slow speed issue isn’t just to the Roku device. Open the web browser and verify the speed. Delete the caches, cookies as well as history that might be making the speed slow up. If you still can’t fix Roku error code 018, then you must reach out to the particular internet service provider. 

Restart the Roku and Router

In some cases utilizing the gadget for a long period ends in Roku error 018 code. This issue arises when the gadget is glitched because of overheating, crowded networks. This is the reason you need to reboot the device appropriately to overcome the issue. You need to hang on for something like 30 seconds and afterward start your gadget once more. Also at times, the controller or modem has low internet signals and thus can’t connect to the devices. Power cycling lets outflow the power from your gadget that helps to smoothly reset the devices. Only, the cached information is deleted during the cycle.

Keeping devices near

Check the distance between both the devices. When you see that the gap between the devices, the Router, and the Roku player is more, you need to ensure they are kept close to each other. 

Change DNS Setting on Roku

If you have been using ethernet on the Roku gadget, yet no indication of the internet. It implies there is a DNS cache problem with the system. You need to modify the DNS server to resolve the Roku error 018 issues. 

Remove Electromagnetic Objects

The error sometimes occurs because of the electromagnetic things consuming the wireless signals. Try not to keep your Roku TV close to Bluetooth speakers, microwave, and so on. The solution to fix the Roku error code 018 is to move out the barriers within your router and Roku device.

Update Roku Box

The web speed slows down when the Roku box is not updated to the most recent version. To resolve it, the primary thing that you should do is to ensure whether the version of the Roku is upgraded. 

Indeed, there are various versions so you need to look if that is the upgraded one or not, and if it is updated then it’s good and if not, that could be the reason you are facing a problem with the Roku Error Code 018. Download the most recent version and then install it to overcome the problem.


We hope this blog must have helped you to resolve the Roku error code 018 problem. Now, soon you can comfortably watch films, News, Shows, or anything you wish to without error code 018 on Roku. Our specialists are skilled and have been settling these issues long ago. They have the information and the best tools to support you.