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Roku Remote not Working

Roku is a streaming device that is used to watch movies, and it is easily linked along with your smart TV. It may be possible which you use the Roku device, and the entirety goes easily, but abruptly you get the Roku remote not working error. Even you are attempting to hit the buttons of the Roku remote, but it doesn’t be just right for you. No need to panic about it. As you can contact the experts of Roku who are qualified enough to fix all the issues like the Roku remote not working in a short period of time.

How to pair the Roku remote with the device?

If you don’t have any idea the way to pair Roku remote to the TV, then follow the beneath steps to get it. You ought to additionally affirm that remote is attached well to work easily. Follow the beneath steps to know approximately it:

First of all, you need to press and maintain the pairing button, that is above the battery compartment.

Now, you need to wait until you see the LED flashlight for pairing the remote.

You can also comply with the on-display education to pair Roku remote.

If you are still troubled to pair the Roku remote to the TV then you have to take assistance from the technical group.

Now, you could see that the remote is paired efficaciously.

What are the steps to fox Roku remote not working error?

Restart your Roku remote and the device:

 If you continue to get Roku remote not working issue, you then ought to try to restart your Roku remote and device to repair this problem.

Steps to restart the Roku Device: –

First of all, you need to turn off your Roku device.

Now, you have to plug out the device from the main socket, after which you have to wait a few minutes.

After that, the plugin backs the device with the primary socket.

Then, you will need to switch the power of the Roku device on.

Now, you can see that your Roku device is restarted successfully.

Steps to repair the Roku remote not working: –

You can also do away with the power cable from your Roku device and then re-plug it again.

If the Roku suggests you the house screen, then you have to reinsert the battery for your Roku remote.

If your Roku remote refers to your Roku, then you have to wait some seconds.

After reinserting or changing the antique battery with the new one, then you need to deploy HDMI Extension Cable on your TV to connect the  Roku streaming stick, and it can also use to pair Roku stick remote.

Now, you have to connect your Roku device with the 5gHz wi-fi network.

You can also check the consumer manual if it guides you to use the 5gHz wi-fi community.

You can also contact with router manufacturer to verify if this router helps 5gHz. So, you need to follow a few steps to fix Roku  remote not working:

You should navigate into the Settings segment and pick out the Network

Now, go to the set-up connection tab and pick out the wireless

After that, you need to select the wireless alternative after which you join your Roku device with the 5gHz community.

Now, you need to alternate the wi-fi channel at the Roku device.

Replace your remote to repair the Roku remote not working.

Indeed, if the above steps do not help then you can communicate with the experts of the Roku by calling their toll-free number.