Link activation Roku | Turn Your Roku TV To The Home Music System

Whether you have a party going on in your home and you want to impress everyone with the party animal playlist in you or you want to chill in the evening with some lo-fi music, Roku Player has got your back. Your choice of music no matter what genre you can find anything on Roku to play. So, any problem with your Roku device? Contact the Link activation Roku now.

Roku TV is going to surprise you with all it offers to its users with music channels that comprise a variety of options like classical, hip-hop, jazz, rap, rock, and EDM. You name it you got it. Just at the tap of your remote, you have access to a million songs.

1. Get to the browsing music section of the Roku Channel Store

You must have a list of a few artists and your all-time favorite songs that you love listening to, you don’t have to look beyond your Roku TV since it offers radio and stream music online. There is something for everyone on Roku TV. We offer Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio for your uninterrupted music streaming.

Pandora On Link activation Roku
Pandora On Link activation Roku

 2. Blast your favorite premium channels on your Roku TV

Now you need speakers to blast your music on, you can pick the device of your choice or suggest the Roku TV Wireless Speakers give you the surround sound you deserve. You can manage your playlist on all the channels from Roku TV’s simple access remote. Users even get to stream via Bluetooth on Roku Player from your mobile on link activation Roku. You get to access the Spotify app from your laptop, tablet, or mobile to play your go-to playlist using Spotify connect.

Music Channel On Link activation Roku
Music Channel On Link activation Roku

 3. Access your library

It is so easy on Roku to stream the music library that you have created over the years and it holds nostalgic feelings for you. You can stream through media servers on your local network or you can stream using a USB drive by attaching it to your Roku Player. You can also use Plex channels for the same feature of enabling you to cast your media files on Roku TV.

Spotify On Link activation Roku
Spotify On Link activation Roku

4. Roku’s mobile app

Whether you’re an iOS user or an Android user you can use Roku mobile app on your mobile phones. You can use your phone as your backup remote along with using it to search for movies, TV shows, or music via voice search. It also offers you a way to send music that you have in your library to your TV.

Just click on photos from the bottom menu in the mobile app and then choose Music. You can play your playlists and the songs you like at the touch of a button.

5. Screen mirroring on Roku TV

If you wish to enjoy your music videos or random content you’re watching on Facebook to a bigger screen you can use the feature of Screen Mirroring. You can even watch music mash-up from Soundcloud so your family can enjoy it as well. Also, you can mirror videos, websites, applications, and more from your mobile phone to your flatscreen via Roku TV.

Link activation Roku
Link activation Roku

6. Watch new music videos

If you love watching your favorite music videos, again and again, you can add the VEVO TV to your Roku TV which has about a million videos from different artists around the globe. The channel even offers a live feed stream of the top 40 music videos.

You get to stream from Ariana Grande to Beyonce to The Beatles on your Roku TV. What are you waiting for; we’ve done our part here. If you face any difficulty turning your Roku player on, don’t worry give us a call! Our Roku support team is ready to fix your issue in no time at Link activation Roku.

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