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After watching spooky Stranger Things on Netflix I’m sure just like me you were intrigued by the duet performed by Dustin and Suzie on Never Ending Story while the whole cast was under a huge cloud of Demogorgon’s chaos. I won’t be lying if I say I have watched the same clip and sang along them a hundred times. This really got me interested in researching about the movie and how clever of Netflix on link activation Roku was to use this 1984 movie to make us all feel the nostalgia of the summer of 1985.

Watch Stranger Things on Link activation Roku
Watch Stranger Things on Link activation Roku

The movie is a treat for kids and adults alike. Even though it’s a little slow for adults it would still take you down memory lane. Along with it let you revisit your childhood while watching the movie. This epic movie is based on the bestseller fantasy novel by Wolfgang Petersen. A troubled boy who is trying to find his place in the world stumbles upon an extraordinary storybook. The poor kid is chased down by bullies, unloved by his father for being a daydreamer, he is still lost in his own world.

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While he is hiding away from the bullies on a rainy day in an old book store he comes across this magnificent leather book. Even after being warned about the book not being for him he still borrows the book. And gets to see the exciting world filled with fantasy and how he gets written in the story while being on the quest to save Fantasia and how he gets to explore the beautiful land of Fantasia only to realize it’s being destroyed by a terribly ‘Nothing’. Enter Link Code.

Never Ending Story on Amazon Prime
Never Ending Story on Amazon Prime

This has been the most loved fantasy favorite among the audience regardless of age. No matter what part of the world they live. The audience gets to enjoy the colorful characters and an interesting journey of a story to hop on. You cannot miss this gem of a movie. You can even watch it with your kids. Also you can give them a glimpse of what you have grown watching up as a kid. This movie is a timeless piece for you and your family to relish. Watch the movie on link activation Roku.

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New generations of children are going to find this movie as special as kids did in the 1980s after Netflix pulled up the stunt of bringing this jam back on stranger things. In case you haven’t gotten a chance to watch the show you can binge-watch season 3 on Roku TV. Moreover, You can order the movie on Amazon Prime and get everything on your binge-watch list at just one platform of Roku TV. So, If you have any issue finding your link activation Roku, you should contact us.