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To stream online content on your smart TV all you need is a streaming player. Roku is the name that pops up in the head instantly when it comes to the best streaming media player. The key to the world of entertainment is Roku. And, to activate your Roku player you need the Roku account and Roku link activation code from link activation Roku.

Roku account is your one-stop destination to manage all your Roku activities. Roku account manages all the activity on a device for example which channels are added or removed or which Roku device is connected. For any update from Roku or to change your Roku password, you need to have a valid email address linked to your Roku account. First set up your Roku account then only the Roku setup and activation process can be initiated.


  • Roku Account is free of cost

Time to Activate Roku TV

  • Firstly, Connect the Roku device to your TV with an HDMI cable.
  • Secondly, Connect Roku to AC adapter (Old model has a round plug, New model has micro-USB connector)
  • After this, you will see Roku welcome screen
  • Now, insert batteries into your Roku remote.
Roku remote
Roku remote
  • Once the remote is up running, pair the remote (Follow on-screen instruction)
  • Remote is paired, choose the language.
  • Roku will work smoothly with a fast internet connection, connect the Roku device with the internet.
  • The preferred connection for Roku is Wi-Fi, connect Roku with your Wi-Fi
  • After choosing Wi-Fi, select the option ” Set up a new wireless connection”
  • At last, enter a password and connect the device.
  • Now once Roku is connected you will see some updates and update the software.


Roku software update sometimes gives the error in updating the device. Don’t worry and connect to Roku Support Team.

Roku Activation Code
  • In your Roku account, log in.
  • Roku will ask to choose channels and log in. Click “continue” the Roku device complete setup and add channels
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Now, your Roku device is all set to entertain you. However, if you miss even one single step your Roku device will not work. Perhaps you have followed all the steps religiously but still, your device is showing up some issue then it’s recommended to contact the Roku support team.

We are a team of professionals and our focus is to resolve any Roku issue instantly. We provide remote assistance to our valuable customers intending to deliver superior service from Link activation Roku.