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We’ve got a list of some tricks from our magic sleeve if you are struggling to master using your Roku streaming device. Whether you are familiar with Roku or this is your first time using a Roku streaming player. We have something for everyone, keep reading and if you have any issues in finding your link activation Roku give us a call. Our expert team will get on to solving your issues.

Better than one

We understand the struggle when you misplace your remote or when your pet uses it as a chew toy or when your kids decide to dunk it in water. That’s exactly why we have an app that you can download on your mobile phones for both Android and iOS users. The app lets you control and operate your streaming player just like how your remote gives you that access.

Roku remote on your mobile phone
Roku remote on your mobile phone

Add channels anywhere and anytime

 Isn’t it annoying when you discover a new channel or a show going about your day and you forget about it by the end of the day? We have you sorted on this as well. You can go to the Roku Channel Store using a web browser on your laptop or phone or any other device that you are using and search for the channel, then press +Add Channel and viola you’re done you don’t need to be at home to do this. You can use the Roku mobile app as well. Download the app and sign in. Find the channel you want to add and then go ahead and add it.

Do not disturb with Roku Private Listening on link activation Roku

In a household, we understand everyone has different tastes in TV and has different viewing habits. Along with providing so much to stream we provide one other convenient feature that lets you listen to whatever you are watching privately. You don’t have to disturb anyone with your late-night binging. Or you can catch some Z’s and hand over the headphones to someone who’s still adamant about watching TV after midnight.

 You just need to connect your headphones to your mobile phone, go to the Roku app, press Remote and then go to the headphone icon which will enable Private Listening.

Have the satisfaction of Parental control

 We have thousands of shows on Roku to cater to the audience of all age groups. So we kept in mind to provide the parents with the Parental control that you can find in settings. It’s so important to keep the streaming experience for the young minds to be PG-friendly. You get complete access to add or delete channels through a pin.

Parental Control on Roku TV

Customize your screensaver on Roku TV

Get to personalize the screensaver you will get to see when your Roku TV is idle. You can either put your favorite movie and TV show posters as screensavers or you can use your personal pictures to display as screensavers. Just go to settings and then screensaver.

Casting on link activation Roku

You’re watching something on YouTube or Netflix on your mobile phone, your Roku TV lets you use the casting feature on to your Roku player. You just need to make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku player. Now pick a video or a show to watch. Then press on the square box with the Wi-Fi symbol in the bottom left corner. This will let you watch on the big screen and let you enjoy more.

Cast from your device to Roku TV  on link activation Roku
Cast from your device to Roku TV on link activation Roku

Screen mirroring

With casting features, you also get to mirror your whole screen from your Android devices onto your Roku TV. Go into settings and enable Screen Mirroring. Now open your phone settings and search for Cast. Connect to your Roku player and set up the screen mirroring. You will be able to see the phone’s screen mirrored on your TV. You can also view videos, photos and access your music library using Photos+.

Take your Roku stick where ever you go

We understand your FOMO when you’re away traveling for work or even when you have a trip planned during the holidays and how much of a pain it is to keep up with your favorite shows. We have Hotel & Dorm Connect feature that allows you to watch your favorite shows or holiday movies by connecting your Roku device to public Wi-Fi just bring your Roku device along with you.

Take your entertainment wherever you go

 You need to plug your Roku player into a TV that has an HDMI port. Press the Home button using your Roku remote. Go to Settings, select Network, and select Set up Connection. Choose a wireless network from the list of the networks available. Then select I am at a hotel or college dorm.

Convenient Voice Search on link activation Roku

Searching for a movie or a show or about your favorite director or actor, you can use your Roku mobile app or your Roku Streaming Stick+ remote to use the voice search option and say the keywords that you’re looking for, the search engine will do the rest.

Roku TV on link activation Roku
Roku TV on link activation Roku


Type a long name while you are looking for a movie or a show you can use the Roku mobile app by using the remote feature by using the on-screen keyboard which is convenient to use.

Type and Search for link activation Roku
Type and Search for link activation Roku

Give us a call and our expert team will be happy to help you throughout your Roku TV journey anytime and anywhere.