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Common Roku Error Codes

Roku is a famous and worldly used media player that allows you to stream videos of your favorite channels. When you are watching your Show, suddenly some error gets display on the screen about a technical fault. No doubt Roku is an electronic device only which will for sure show some errors. Here we are going to discuss the common occurring Roku error codes that can be fixed easily and if they are not fixed then you can take the help of the experts of the Roku who are experienced in fixing these error codes.

The list of Common Roku errors is:

1. Roku Error code 001

2. Roku Error code 003

3. Roku Error code 005

4.Roku Error code 009

5.Roku Error code 013

6.Roku Error code 014

How to figure out the common Roku error codes?

Roku Error code 001:
 This error indicates there is a Roku link activation-related problem. Roku Error Code 001 usually occurs when there is an activation problem. And this normally happens when you are trying to link your Roku link account with the Device.

Roku Error code 003: 
Most commonly taking place Error when your gadgets and software program are not up to mark. You need to install the latest update of the Roku software to stream the video on the Roku error code.

Roku Error code 005

The Roku error code 005 means there can be some issues with the internet connection. You can see this error when you are downloading or updating the latest software on your Roku.

Roku Error code 012:  You will need to change the HDMI cable to fix it.  As there is probably no hassle with your HDMI port.

Roku Error Code 009: 
When your Roku device is unable to connect with the internet connection it will show the Roku error code 009 on the screen.

Roku Error code 013:
This error generally takes place only whilst there is a problem with your Ethernet. It suggests that there might be a problem with your network gadgets such as a router. So test your router and rectify the difficulty.

Roku Error Code 011 and 014:
When Roku shows a problem with your wireless network connection.  It can be due to a Wrong password, incorrect wireless network name, or poor signal strength or it can also be due to a change in the IP address which the Router is not able to catch.

Interact with the Roku experts to fix the Roku errors

Want to get the Roku error codes fixed? Then you have the best option that is you can contact the experts of Roku who are experienced in the technical field. They are available 24/7 hours for your service. You can openly speak to them by calling the toll-free number and get your Roku errors fixed in no time.