Roku Activation Code to Encounter Activation issues With your Roku TV

All the new Roku users must provide their contact information for account registration. Roku sends a Roku activation code to all the new users for linking the account. Roku account has all the information like channel installation, device, and preferences.

Entering the activation code is a one-time process that is needed when setting up the account. All you need is to enter the link code on the page for the activation process. If you face any issue with the Roku activation code not working, then contact Roku customer support services to eliminate the issue in no time.

Get the Roku Activation Code:

By now, we are aware that the Roku activation codes are needed to link the account. Follow the steps below to get the Roku activation codes:

  • Open Browser < www Roku com
  • Then connect Roku device and TV < Turn on the devices < On TV screen Roku code would appear
  • Enter the credentials for the registered Roku account
  • Insert Link code < Hit the submit button
  • Now check the Roku device connected to the TV and your favorite content is ready to stream!

Want to activate the channel on Roku?

To activate the channel on Roku we need the activation code. There is no provision of buying channels from the Roku device and for each channel to purchase, you need the activation code. To add to your favorite channel follow the steps given below:

  • Go to <Log in Roku account
  • Search your favorite channel < add the activation code
  • On your TV screen, you will activation code for each channel
  • Follow the same steps for all the channels you want to add.

Roku code not working?

Get Roku activation code on Roku com link
Get Roku activation code on Roku com link

Sometimes, a simple activation code can turn out to be tricky. All the steps are to be followed carefully to make the Roku device run successfully. If the code is not working, try to follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, turn off both the devices < After a few seconds < Turn them on
  • Secondly, restart the device < Insert Activation Code<Link your device
  • Sign in < My Roku com link’ Page
  • After that, confirm if your device link or not
  • ‘Linked Device’ < Check Roku device
  • Open < Linked Device < Check your Roku media streaming player
  • Linking accounts takes time. After some time < check the device’s serial number.
  • At last, the serial number will be displayed on the screen.

With that said, the Roku streaming device is the easiest and user-friendly device with the minimal setup process. But sometimes it can also make errors and be tricky to resolve the issue. Even if a single step is missed the whole setup process can go in vain. Due to some unknown reasons, the Roku gives the activation error.

And, the best and easy way to get rid of the problem is either to follow steps religiously (even after following steps issue can occur) or Call a Roku expert for the same. Call our trained and expert Roku customer support services at link activation Roku for instant resolution! We are just a call away!