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The long-awaited AHS season 8 is here on Hulu! Hulu viewers had to wait a little longer than others but we’re speculating that this season is going to be worth all that wait. This brainchild of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk has been subtitled as ‘Apocalypse’ and before you read ahead, spoiler alert! Get Hulu on the Roku com link.

Season 8 comes close to what the subtitle suggests. This season can be seen as a crossover between the first and the third season. You will find several elements from both the seasons included in season 8. But you don’t need to be disheartened by that. It will have some elements of its own too. Activate Hulu on link activation Roku for binge-watching!

AHS Season-8 On Hulu with Roku com link

This season will see a comeback of several cast members including Emma Roberts, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, and others. While the FX series hasn’t lately received much appreciation for its last few seasons, season 8 is seen as an improvement.

Ratings of AHS Season 8

When it comes to ratings, AHS season 8 on Roku com link has shown a more promising trend. While a critics’ rating of 6 and an approval rating of 75% on rotten tomatoes and 8 on IMDB, American Horror Story has been successful in getting a thumbs up from the critics.

more about this series

Roku Com Link to Enjoy American Horror Story is one of the very few series where each season has an individual storyline in itself. This has given AHS a much broader prospect for experimentation with the writing and the characters as well. Yet why do we see a crossover of the previous two seasons?

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Probably, the AHS writers chose to make a crossover between the first and the third season knowing that a crossover could be a pleasing mini-surprise. However, many have claimed that the season was more of a continuation of season three than a crossover.

People can have very different viewpoints about the same series. But you cannot decide anything just from a couple of online reviews. Can you? The best option is to decide for yourself. Roku com link to enjoy American Horror Story season 8 is now available on Hulu with Roku com link!

Turn on your Roku player or TV and enjoy the series!

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