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Roku is one of the most popular streaming devices available in the market that offers customized features that are per need and requirement. For Roku to run smoothly and effortlessly all you need is a good internet connection from link activation Roku.

What Makes Roku So Popular on Roku com link?

With no doubt, we can say that Roku is the best streaming media device available in the market. Two main features that make Roku number one in the industry are i.e. Roku technical support and simple device. The first feature is instant and fast Roku customer support available 24*7 and 365 Days! If you face any issues with your Roku simply call trained and expert technicians to get it fixed.

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The second feature that makes Roku stand out in the market is the Roku device is very simple with excellent features. The user interface is simple and can be customized as per need and requirement.

Roku com link to solve Error Code 009

With that said, sometimes the Roku device can encounter some error code that can interrupt that view experience in watching the online content. Error code 009 is one of the most common errors that many Roku users face. So whenever you see Error code 009 on-screen that means Roku is not connected to the internet. Let’s dive into some troubleshooting steps to fix the Error code 009.

Roku Error Code 009

  • First of all, check the internet connectivity.
  • Now, you need to modify the DNS arrangement.
  • After this check advance router setting
  • Click Advanced Settings < Select “ACL/MAC Address filtering.
  • Change the Remote security mode
  • At last, change the DNS server

How do I reset Roku and Router?

The best and most workable solution to fix any Roku error is to reset the device. Any Roku problem you are experiencing can be easily solved with this single step. With this restart step, the Roku device re-establish a connection with the router. Follow given below steps for resetting the Roku device:

  • Firstly, navigate the setting menu < System option < System restart
  • Secondly, shut down the device < Unplug all the cables
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • At last, restart it < Connect to internet connection

Fixed Roku Software Error

Check Network Connection

For the Roku device to work properly you should check the internet connection whether it’s working or not. Always make sure that the Roku device is receiving signals and your Roku device is connected properly.

Router Firmware

Sometimes due to outdated Router firmware, the Roku device can produce error code 009. Always update Router firmware for Roku to work properly.

Modem DNS Configuration Settings

DNS configuration settings need to be changed. After updating Router’s firmware adjust the ACL/MAC address filtering.

Now, you’re good to go! Grab some popcorn and enjoy streaming

Link Activation Roku
Link Activation Roku

With that said, even after following the troubleshooting steps properly some error is not fixed. The Roku streaming device is the easiest and user-friendly device with a minimal setup process. For some unknown reason also Roku gives the error code 009.

The best and most easy way to get rid of the problem is either to follow steps religiously or Call a Roku expert for the same on Link activation Roku. Also, call our trained and expert Roku customer services for instant resolution!