Roku com link: Halloween Movies to Creep You out on Halloween

Pop the popcorns and lock your doors to feel the chills that Netflix Halloween movies going to give. It’s Halloween Amigos! You make be busy making costumes to get the perfect Halloween look or binging on candy but the greatest thing you can do is the binge-watch scary-funny-silly movie that going to last for long. After watching the movie you are bound to jump on every little noise and get the Goosebumps on every door knocking. This Halloween feels you will get from Original movies to tested classics and some new TV series. Activate your Netflix on Roku at Roku com link to feel the spookiness of Halloween.

We have rounded up some best Halloween movies for you to get into the spirit of Halloween. Here is the list of the movies for some spooky –fun night on Halloween eve.

We hope you enjoy these flicks on Roku com link!


This movie is about a mother, daughter and a mysterious woman. This mysterious woman saved her daughter from a deadly rattlesnake bite and wants a life in return. The single mother must save her daughter from the mysterious woman before sundown. Rattlesnake debuts on 25 October.

Rattlesnake On Netflix
Rattlesnake On Netflix

In The Tall Grass

Written and directed by Vincenzo Natalia supernatural horror drama starring Patrick Wilson. The tale is based on Stephen King and Joe Hill’s novel with the same name. A young boy named Tobin cry for help, pregnant women and her brother enter the field of tall grass to find the no way out. Watch the movie on Roku com link.

 In The Tall Grass  On Netflix
In The Tall Grass On Netflix


Eli is a 2019 Horror drama directed by Ciaran Foy. Story of a boy suffering from a debilitating illness and his parents bring to him to an isolated clinic for experimental therapy. The shocking Eli ending breaks the internet.

Eli On Netflix on Roku com link
Eli On Netflix on Roku com link


Sam Worthington of the movie Avatar plays a dad whose daughter got injured while traveling, hurry them to hospital. 1 Hour 40 Minute Mind game thriller revolves around Ray (Sam Worthington), his wife Joanne and their daughter Peri and a hospital that hiding something.

 Fractured On Roku com link
Fractured On Roku com link

Activate Netflix on Roku com link

In The Shadow of the moon

Jim Mickle directed this 2019 American science fiction thriller. A Philadelphia cop becomes obsessed with a female serial killer whose crimes defy explanation?

 In The Shadow of the moon On Netflix
In The Shadow of the moon On Netflix

Eerie on Roku com link

Eerie is a 2019 Filipino thriller, action and Horror movie starring Bea Alonzo and Charo Santos. This terrifying Netflix movie is forcing fans to sleep with lights on. A student of all-girl Catholic school hangs herself and a guidance counselor called pat Consolacion embarks on solving the mysterious death of the student.

EERIE On Netflix on Roku com linl
EERIE On Netflix on Roku com link

So it’s rightly said that no holiday is complete without a movie marathon. Watch these classic horror flicks on your favorite streaming device Roku. Roku link activation code is your key to unlimited entertainment. If you encounter any problem with your Roku contacts our team of experts who are available 24*7 with their expert assistance.