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Roku is known as a media content player that gives the facility to allow clients to stream different types of content. In any case, a typical error code that is known as Roku Error Code 009 appears on the screen surprisingly. What you see on the screen is “Unable To Connect To The Internet”.

Steps to Fix Roku Error Code 009:

In this segment, you’ll discover some simple tasks you can apply to fix Roku Error Code 009. Go through the arrangements underneath:

Step 1: Check the Network Connection – Roku Error Code 009

  • In this step, all you want to check is the soundness of the network connection and ensure it is accessible. This is what you want to do:
  • Utilizing the PC, or the TV whichever is being used to stream Roku, go to the “Settings” menu and afterward select the choice called “Network”. After this, you’ll need to perform two stages as a network test. 
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These two stages include looking at the nature of the sign and network availability.

  • From that point forward, you can try checking at the speed of the network association. If it just so happens, that the strength of the sign is genuinely poor, then, at that point, play out the directions that are given to fix it.
  • At the point when Roku is checking the parts of the web association, it tries to build up an association with the Wi-Fi. When the Wi-Fi gets associated, try to associate with the web.
  • If the association is set up successfully, it shows green light as a sign. Later that Roku plays out an association check to test its security and speed. 
  • Upon progress, it shows “Connection Check Was Successful’.
  • Later you’ve tried each part of the network, go to the “Settings” once more. Pick the “Network” choice and afterward go to “About”. 
  • In this part, you will see the strength of the sign. If it is genuinely great then you will be shown “Great” or “Brilliant. If it isn’t great then you will be shown “Poor”.

Step 2: Make Changes in the DNS (Domain Name Server) Settings

  • By arranging the DNS setting, you will want to get to channels of different areas that might be out of reach in your region. 
  • Above all, you would have to set up the DNS work on the remote switch. This is what you can do:
  • In the first place, switch off the router and afterward launch the Roku through the TV or Laptop. Then, at that point, go to the “Setting” section in the player and afterward pick the “System Settings” from the choice.
  • Then, pick the choice called “Factory Reset” choice. From that point forward, you should sign into the router. 
  • From that point, make changes to the DNS address. In the IP directing help, you want to refresh the IP. 
  • Then, at that point, pick network VPN as a choice of connection. Presently you can effectively set up the Roku and access channels.

Step 3: Update Router Firmware

  • It could likewise be an instance of a router that is out of date. Accordingly, because of its old design, you might encounter the deficiency of a web association. 
  • You should update the firmware of the router to its most recent version to experience better, more steady, and quicker availability.

Step 4: Reset the Roku Device

  • This is an ancient yet extremely powerful arrangement that works in tackling practically any issue. 
  • What happens is, whenever you’ve done a gadget reset, in the future, it will fire up with its default setup if any change was made mistakenly.
  • You should simply go to the “Settings” section in the Roku gadget and afterward pick the “System” choice. 
  • Then, at that point, select the choice called “System Restart”. This activity will reset the whole gadget from scratch.
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Step 5: Get in Touch with Internet Service Provider – Roku Error Code 009

  • If you see that you can’t connect with the web after playing out the previously mentioned arrangements, then, at that point, do the accompanying:
  • It may be the case that the server is down or there is a technical issue with the router system you use. All things considered, connect with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and let them know about the issue.
  • As a recommendation from the ISP, you might be approached to reset the router by turning off and stopping back the switch links. You may likewise be approached to reset its power button. 
  • If there is an issue with the hardware system of the router, then, at that point, think about replacing it with another modem.

Step 6: Contact Roku Support

  • This is ideally the last reasonable choice you could use to fix the issue of Roku Error Code 009
  • If all the other things are neglected to fix, you might have to reach out to a Customer Care Executive of Roku Support.
  • Go to the official site of Roku and under the Customer Care Service, contact the help group utilizing their toll-free number. 
  • You can likewise drop an email to them talking about the issue in detail.
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Roku Error Code 009 implies that the Roku gadget has made a successful association with the router. 

In any case, it has failed to interface with the web organization or the Wi-Fi. 

This additionally implies that the Roku gadget can’t perceive the network signals. Subsequently, you get to see this error code on the screen.

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