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Sometimes you may experience your Roku device giving you some issues which can be categorized under Roku error codes to help you understand the issue deeply and help in resolving your issues so you can have an uninterrupted streaming experience. These common resolvable issues might require some technically efficient troubleshooting. For these issues, you require appropriate technical help and then you can resolve the issues effortlessly your own self. You can get the best assistance by visiting our site to resolve Roku error code 014.

resolve error code 014 on link activation Roku

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    We have seen that this Roku error code 014 is a very common error to occur on your Roku stream TV and another major error is 011. The said error, Roku error code 014, has a signification that the device that you are using is unable to get connected to the Wi-Fi network that is available in your home. The Roku device is made based on such technology that it auto-downloads and installs the most recent software available whenever it is connected to the internet.

    But on the contrary, if you see an error flashing on your screen Roku error code 014 informs you about there is no connection to the network. This is a clear indication of the failure of an update of the software to the latest one. The main cause of this failure is that your Roku device is not able to update the software to build a successful connection to the Roku software update server.

    What to do when Roku error code 014 is displayed?

    Disable Network Pings

    To disable the Network Pings you need to get your Roku remote. You need to select and open the Platform Secret Screen by sticking on to the following steps. Push the Home button five times and then proceed to press the forward button and then press the Rewind button, Play button, and Forward button. To disable the Network Pings you can try navigating through the platform screen menu and then click on it. The Local Network Error code issues can be resolved by this disabling of the Network settings.

    How to get a Software update

    If your device is not currently connected to a network you can try connecting another hooked device that has Roku on it like a particular smartphone or any other android device. You need to verify the Wi-Fi hotspot to link your Roku device to it so that you have a working network connection. You can also attempt to connect directly to the Ethernet connection cable for better connectivity. We suggest this over the other option since it will provide you with a faster speed. This may help in resolving the issue of Roku error code 014.

    resolve error code 014 on link activation Roku

    In some cases, this simple solution may work but we understand it’s not possible in all the houses top to establish a direct Ethernet connection and it might also not be possible for multiple Roku devices in a home. We suggest you to use your Roku remote to open and unlock the secrete screen, this will enable you to update the Roku software.

    The correct way to press the series of buttons to activate this is to press the home key 5 times. And then continue to press the forward button 3 times along with pressing the rewind button after this. The user will be now able to find the update software button and let you download the update. Before the update is going to affect the changes of the update to your Roku TV the device will get on to rebooting itself.

    After all these steps you will be able to locate and select the off button in the Network ping setting even after the software program update. You can easily find the Disable Network Pings on the menu after opening the software program update. You can do the same thing on your other Roku devices to remove the Roku Network Error Code 014 and then disable the network pings on that device as well. Users have to understand that the main issue of getting this error is the connection problem that can arise during the setup time.

    resolve error code 014 on link activation Roku

    We have these very simple steps and solutions to help you fix the error. You need to make sure that the password that you are putting in for verification is valid and correct since passwords are case sensitive. You need to place the Roku device in your home device at a maximum of 25 feet distance from the router since we know that the router range is available only in limited areas.

    Try to work it by disconnecting the power supply from the router for some time and then plug it back to get the connection running on your Roku device. After that restart your Roku player. Just follow these easy steps to fix the error code, in case you still see an issue with your Roku device you can restart your Roku player to see that the error has been fixed. If that’s not the case you can give us a call our expert team will be glad to assist you.

    The issue with the Roku Network Error Code 014 is that if you have entered the wrong password it will keep on arising along with the issue of internet connection or not having high enough speed on your internet connection. We have observed that sometimes with the installation of multiple Roku devices it can give some issues and might not go that smooth as it was with your previous versions of the Roku device. Sometimes the wireless connection that is established over your Roku device can also result in the error 014.

    resolve error code 014 on link activation Rokuresolve error code 014 on link activation Roku

    We also understand that arising of the Roku error code 014 on your screen is not that informative and there could be more than just one reason for it. This error can be used to determine the number of issues and troubleshoot each and every aspect of your Roku device. A past outdated firmware issue can also give you this error code and affect the working of your Roku device giving an issue suggesting more than one thing is wrong with the setup of the device.

    We do not suggest you permanently use the Ethernet cable instead of the wireless set up but to kick start the process of resolving Roku Error code 014 and troubleshoot all the issues with the high speed of the internet to get your Roku TV working again. After that, you can switch to your regular Wi-Fi but make sure that the connection is strong and uninterrupted with a high constant speed.

    After you are done resolving the Roku error code 014 with a strong Ethernet connection you can again switch back to the wireless option by going into the internet settings. The next step would be to choose your network provider. You should now be connected to your wireless network. You have to put a correct password, just a reminder that it is case sensitive so be careful while adding the password to further continue to use your Roku TV.

    If the real issue behind the Roku Network error code 014 was the wireless firmware that was old and outdated then after connecting your Roku device to the Ethernet cable will probably solve the issue by downloading the most recent and greatest firmware. If it still doesn’t work we still have a few solutions for you at link activation Roku.

    You need not worry about the setup of your Roku device since setting it up is a very easy job. And the errors that sometimes might arise due to some technical glitches are easy to solve. We work tirelessly to solve all your issues in the least possible number of steps.

    Either by disabling Network pings or by establishing the internet connection through the old-fashioned way using the Ethernet cable. New recent software will be the easiest solution for the issue with Roku Network Error code 014. A reboot in your Roku device will help reset the device and work without any issue and kick up the process of getting that new software update to actually work.

    Sometimes while setting up a Roku device after a long time or shifting to a new place it can create some issues making you see error messages like unable to connect to the wireless network or not connected to the internet. The same way you connect the wireless internet to your mobile phones, you have to connect your Roku device in a similar way to have a working internet connection with high speed to not run into Roku Network Error Code 014 and have a smooth streaming experience.

    We hope that the solutions you have read so far are able to help you and troubleshoot the issues that you have encountered resulting in the Roku Network Error Code 014 and get your Roku TV working error-free. We know how annoying it can be to experience a halt in your binge-watching sessions.