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If your Roku stick is overheating, don’t stress it’s not broken. There is some explanation which is making your Roku overheat. At the point when your Roku crosses a specific temperature then you can get an overheat message or a red light on your Roku stick. If you’re likewise confronting this overheating issue with your Roku stick, don’t stress we will furnish you with certain functioning arrangements.

How Do I Confirm Roku Stick Overheating?

At the point when you are streaming that current, it’s anything but exceptionally difficult to figure between ordinary warming or overheating.

Overheating relies on numerous elements, for this, I will talk about it later.

Be that as it may, for the time being, you need to mindful of the two.

Since you can overlook a smidgen of warmth. Practically all electronic gadgets discharge a tad of warmth while it works.

Simultaneously, if you neglect to distinguish between typical and overheating, it tends to be hurtful to your gadget and might consume its internal circuit and its segment as well.

In this way, staying away from every one of these, as a matter of first importance, you need to mindful and need to follow up on these focuses.

1. Roku overheating cautioning message shows up on the screen.

This is equivalent to it sounds while streaming your TV popup a warning message that “Your gadget is overheating”.

This on-screen message cautions you that your Roku streaming stick is overheating and it’s an ideal opportunity to make some prompt move on it.

2. The gadget out of nowhere demonstrating red light.

Your streaming player accompanies a marker light, when everything is typical it is light white, which implies your Roku is turned out great.

As it begins getting hot, it’s anything but a RED strong shading.

Try not to be befuddled between flickering red light and strong red light.

Since Solid Red light means your Roku overheating and flickering red light means Roku getting inadequate force supply.

3. Physically touch your gadget.

Assuming you are utilizing your streaming player for quite a while, you should double-check if it is getting hot or not.

You have to no longer depend on notice messages or pointer lights.

For this, you need to touch the Roku stick at each normal time frame for standard warmth or overheat.

Why Is My Roku Stick Overheating?

Is it true that you are accomplishing something incorrectly? If not, for what reason are your staying is overheating?

These may be reasons for overheating.

• The player put inside any shut cabinet.

• It is put where there is an excessive number of electronic gadgets previously positioned.

• It puts excessively near the TV.

• The streaming player is set close to the warming electronic gadget.

• It is set close to the primary force supply board.

• It isn’t getting adequate natural air.

• Check if Roku accessories are inserted appropriately.

• Roku stick doesn’t have a warmth sink.

• Roku is connected for a long time.

At times it occurs, when we didn’t insert accessories appropriately, and afterward because of current spillage its inward metal parts getting hot and this spreads over the Roku gadget.

What’s more, consequently this outcome Roku stick overheating, and Roku overheating cautioning messages.

How Do I Stop My Roku Stick From Overheating?

Most importantly, quiet and unwind because, in alarm, it’s a human instinct we commit some senseless errors in a rush.

That is the reason for quiet and core interest. The unit might be hot along these lines, assuming you have gloves, use them else you can utilize a towel as well.

Presently you identify your Roku ultra is overheating and presently it’s an ideal opportunity to fix it.

Follow all underneath stages individually. This means certainly cool down your streaming unit.

1. Turn off Power Supply.

Before making any strides as a matter of first importance, cautiously turn off the electrical plugs for no less than 20 minutes.

Following 20 minutes contact the Roku player unit and affirm if it cooled down or not.

Then, at that point individually plug it cautiously. If this issue perseveres once more, again turn off it cautiously.

If you’ve confronted this issue after long utilization of Roku, turning off it from the force for quite a while is the arrangement. Turn off the Roku stick for 15-20 min to cool off and after that plug it back in. Check if the Roku overheating issue is fixed or not. If you’re getting the issue, again turn off it for 15-20 minutes. Again have a go at connecting it and check if the overheating issue is fixed or not. If this doesn’t assist with taking a stab at following different strides from underneath.

2. Change Player Location.

Area matters, a few focuses you need to remember before putting your streaming stick.

Never positioned your Roku player inside a shut drawer or cabinet.

Never at any point set Roku player over any electronic gadgets like music player, link boxes, and recipients.

Continuously attempt to put it in an open cool spot for outside air because natural air keeps it cool.

Attempt to keep away from, putting it in the immediate daylight.

If your Roku stick is put around a hot item or inside a cabinet then you can confront the overheating issue. To fix this issue eliminate and place Roku at some other spot where there are no hot items. Ensure Roku is at some cooler spot and not encompassed by any cabinet. Additionally, ensure the Roku stick doesn’t come straightforwardly in touch with daylight which can make Roku heat. In the wake of changing the Roku stick area turn off the Roku stick and let it cool down. At the point when the temperature of Roku is typical fitting it back in and check if the Roku overheating message or red light is fixed or not.

3. Repeat.

If you attempted above the two stages and still RED light is on. In such a case repeat stage 1 and check this is working or not.

4. Use Roku Stick HDMI Extender.

If over everything guides didn’t work for you. In such a case utilize the authority Roku stick HDMI extender. This will put your gadget far away from warming apparatuses or the rear of the TV.

Now and again in case you’re utilizing a television USB port as a force hotspot for your fire stick then you can get the overheating message on your screen. This happens due to a broken USB or HDMI port or when a portion of the warmth is moved to your Roku stick. To handle the present circumstance turn off it from the television and utilize the force attachment for your Roku stick. Presently have a go at checking in case you’re getting the issue or not. Assuming you’re getting the overheating message on your Roku stick, you can ask Roku for the free HDMI extender. You can associate the Roku adhere to your television with the assistance of an HDMI extender link which will fix the overheating issue on your Roku stick.

5. Contact Roku

If none of the means referenced above worked for you, you have a go at reaching Roku for help. Numerous clients have said that Roku sent them trade for their overheating Roku stick. You can likewise take a stab at reaching and disclosing the circumstance to Roku. If you’ve some other fix, do tell us from the remark segment beneath and check how to fix Smartcast television not accessible.


Roku overheating is a typical issue, so you shouldn’t think about it too much. If this occurs, don’t be alarm. These aides will assist you with cooling down your Roku stick overheating.