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After you interface with a Roku setup streaming player or Roku Streaming Stick, the arrangement system for the two gadgets is something similar. This report portrays the fundamental arrangement directions you can use for any Roku player or Streaming Stick for Roku setup.

Note: If your Roku gadget upholds 4K Ultra HD (4K) or High Dynamic Range (HDR), you cannot exploit 4K without a 4K-viable TV, or HDR without an HDR-viable TV.

Notwithstanding a viable TV, there are a few different necessities you need to know about when setting up your Roku gadget for 4K or setup Roku for HDR. If you lean toward a more custom-made arrangement of guidelines, you can visit the arrangement article explicit to the current-age models recorded beneath.

How does my Roku gadget interface with my TV – Roku Setup

Your Roku streaming gadget can be associated with any TV with an HDMI port. To make this association, a Roku player requires an HDMI link while a Roku Streaming Stick interfaces straightforwardly with its underlying HDMI connector to set up roku.

While choosing an HDMI link, we suggest that you utilize a High-Speed HDMI Cable if your TV just backings 720p and 1080p, or a Premium High-Speed HDMI Cable if your TV additionally upholds 4K Ultra HD or HDR to setup roku.

Imagine a scenario where my TV doesn’t have an HDMI port – Roku Setup

If you have a more established TV that doesn’t uphold HDMI, you can interface with a Roku player that has a composite sound/video association notwithstanding its HDMI association.

To decide whether your player has this association, search for a separate port marked “A/V” or “A/V OUT”, or you might see a different port named “VIDEO” alongside two ports named “Sound”.

The link you need to interface your player to your TV probably has red, white, and yellow connectors like those seen underneath.

Setting up your Roku gadget

Utilize the means beneath to interface your Roku streaming player or Roku Streaming Stick and setup roku for on-screen arrangement and activation.

1. Connect your Roku gadget to your TV

Using HDMI 

  • Connect your Roku player utilizing the right HDMI link, or associate your Streaming Stick straightforwardly

Note: Your Roku player or Streaming Stick might contrast from those portrayed in the example outlined here.

  • If you intend to stream 4Kor HDR content, you should connect your viable Roku gadget to an HDMI input that upholds HDCP 2.2. Realize what to search for if you need assistance distinguishing an HDMI input that upholds HDCP 2.2.

Note: If your Roku Streaming Stick doesn’t handily associate with the HDMI input on your TV because of space limitations, you might wish to get a free HDMI extender link.

Utilizing composite 

If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port, associate your viable Roku player utilizing composite links.

2. Interface your Roku player to your wired organization

If you are utilizing a wired organization and your Roku player has an internet port, associate one finish of an internet link to your player and the opposite finish to an accessible internet port on your switch or organization switch.


Some Roku players without an internet port help a wired organization association utilizing a viable outsider internet connector.

A Roku Streaming Stick doesn’t have an internet port.

3. Interface your Roku gadget to control

From a divider outlet (suggested)

Utilize the force connector (or USB power link and force connector) to interface your Roku streaming gadget to a divider outlet.

Note: If you are associating a Roku Streaming Stick+, you should interface the USB power link with a cutting-edge remote collector alongside the USB power extender link before joining the force connector.

For details, refer to the arrangement article explicit to the Roku Streaming Stick+.

From a USB port on your TV 

Any Roku Streaming Stick upholds USB power, yet just some Roku players do. In case you are interfacing your Roku gadget to USB power, utilize the USB power link to associate it to a USB port on your TV.

Note: The USB port on some TVs might not be able to control a Roku gadget.

If you see the on-screen notice message that shows up in these cases, utilize the force connector (or USB power link and force connector) and interface with a divider outlet.

4. Force on your TV and select the right info

Use your TV remote to control your TV and select the info where you associated your Roku gadget. You should see the Roku logo on the TV screen as your Roku gadget controls on. Help is accessible if you don’t perceive any image on your TV.

5. Supplement batteries in your Roku remote

Slide open the battery cover on the rear of your remote and additional batteries.

On-screen arrangement and activation

1. Choose a language

The first screen you see permits you to pick a language. All text and exchange inside the Roku interface are shown in the chose language.

Scroll here and there the rundown and press the OK button on your Roku far off to pick a language.

Note: It is the obligation of the channel supplier to decipher their channel and a few channels may not help your picked language.

2. Connect your Roku gadget to your organization and the web

In case you are utilizing a wired organization, ensure an internet link is associated with your Roku player (if it has an internet port) or a viable internet connector (if your Roku gadget has a USB or miniature USB port and supports an outsider connector) and afterward select Wired. Something else, go through the rules beneath to set the remote association.

Choose your remote organization from the rundown of accessible organizations and enter your password. This is frequently a similar organization you use to interface your PC or cell phone to the web.

If you don’t see your organization, select Scan again to see all organizations. For more help, see help tracking down your remote organization and password.

If you need to consider your to be as you type, pick Show password. This can assist with forestalling entering some unacceptable passwords. Keep in mind, passwords are case-touchy. Utilize the shift button on the on-screen console to enter a capital letter.

Once you enter your password and select Connect, your Roku gadget naturally interfaces with the web. You can get more assistance in case you can’t associate with your remote organization.

3. Wait for your Roku gadget to download the most recent programming

Once associated with the web, your Roku gadget checks for an accessible programming update, download the most recent adaptation assuming fundamental, and reboots.

4. Set the showcase type

Your Roku gadget investigates the HDMI association to decide the best showcase goal, so you don’t need to physically design the settings. To change the showcase type later, go to Settings > Display type.

If support for 4K or HDR isn’t distinguished on your viable Roku gadget, and you are utilizing a viable TV, ensure all HDMI links are solidly joined and all associations support HDCP 2.2.

For more assistance, survey the means for 4K arrangement or HDR arrangement.

5. Set up your Roku voice remote to control your TV

Select Check remote settings to naturally set up your Roku voice remote to control the force and volume for your TV. If you avoid this progression, you can set up your remote for TV control whenever from the Settings menu to Roku setup.

Basically go to Settings > Remotes and gadgets > Remotes > [select your remote] > Set up remote for TV control.


This arrangement step possibly shows up in case you are utilizing a Roku voice remote with TV controls. Select Roku gadgets delivered in 2017 and later incorporate this remote.

A Roku remote will most likely be unable to control volume and force on all TV models. With some TV models, you may just have the option to control the volume and not the force.

6. Create a Roku account and activate your Roku gadget

To activate your Roku gadget, it should be connected to a Roku account. Your Roku account stores data on which gadgets you own, and which channels you have introduced, just as your preferences and Roku setup.

Note: There is NEVER a charge to make a Roku account.

When provoked on screen, enter a legitimate email address to use for your Roku account, and afterward change to your PC or cell phone to activate and connect your Roku gadget. Know that it might take a couple of seconds to get the activation email from Roku.

If you don’t see it in your email inbox, make certain to genuinely look at your spam (or garbage) envelope. If you can’t get your Roku gadget activated, figure out how to determine connecting Roku setup issues.

Note: Roku doesn’t need an activation expense, or charge for the help of any sort. Figure out how to stay away from deceitful sites.

7. You are finished!

With all means total, your Roku gadget is prepared to utilize.

Tips: You can customize your Roku gadget by changing your topic or screensaver. You can utilize the Roku Channel Store to add new streaming channels, games, and other applications.

For what reason is the picture not shown in HDR or is the image quality helpless when I watch HDR content – Roku Setup

At the point when you explicitly watch an HDR film or TV show on your HDR-fit Roku gadget, you might see the picture isn’t shown in HDR, or the image quality is poor.

If you experience this conduct, you might have to refresh the product on your HDR-skilled TV. You can ordinarily discover directions on how to do this alongside the most recent programming on the TV maker’s site.

When you affirm that your TV is running the most recent programming, make sure that it is appropriately designed to empower HDR on the particular contribution to which your Roku player is associated.

A few TVs that help HDR don’t empower this component of course.

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