Troubleshoot Not Working Error? | Enter Link Code

Roku provides top-quality streaming equipment with outstanding features. And, by so far, Roku is the best doorway for online content streaming on TV at Roku is user-friendly and there are many Roku models available in the market so the customer can choose them as per their pocket as well as need. to activate Roku TV to activate Roku TV

Once you have the Roku device at your place on the first go you need to activate the Roku. For Roku activation, is the URL or we can say a page that is being used for activating the Roku streaming device. The Roku link activation error is one of the most common errors that Roku users face initially. Even after following the guidelines properly, the error still exists, so it’s highly suggested that to take assistance from Roku customer support at link activation Roku for fast resolution. is the URL on which you click and a new tab will open and in the dialog box, you are supposed to enter the Roku activation code. Don’t worry if you face a Roku activation code not working error try following the instructions below:

Error when entering the code

  • Maximum time users get stuck entering the activation code on the URL.
  • If the generated code is not working on the Roku simple tab on the start button of the Roku remote for a new code.
  • Verify the channel activation code.
  • Once you have the code enter the new activation on the page:

Roku Not working troubleshooting steps for

  • Internet Connection
  • Always use a secure internet connection.
  • If the internet network you use is not active < Use good Router (Secure)
  • Verify the credentials that you use and try to make sure that it’s valid and secure.

Roku activation steps

Not even a single step must be a miss for any Roku activation steps. Follow all the steps religiously and your Roku device activation will be a success! Follow the steps below to start with the activation guide.

Generate a Roku Account Pin

Roku activation code at
Roku activation code at

As there is always a chance that your Roku account can be misused if it’s not secured. So it’s always important to secure your account with a Pin. To generate the Roku account pin add:

  • To create the Roku account Pin, navigate to the page on my
  • Under the Pin, preference tab will go and select the update button
  • Then there are 3 preferences chosen as per the requirement
  • Type the four-digit pin in the pin tab
  • Verify Pin field to confirm

Roku restart at

The last and most effective steps among all are the Roku restart step or Roku reset. There are three options available to perform a reset of the Roku device i.e. Soft reset, hard reset, and factory reset.

With that said, even after following the said solutions the problem persists then it’s always best to look for expert assistance. Roku team will help you get out of the problem quickly. Our technicians will save you money and energy to get your! Contact!