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What to watch with Roku Activation Code?

What to watch on Roku activation code | What’s on | Link Activation Roku

Here is how you can use the Roku Channel Store

How Exactly To Link Roku Television To Roku Account

How to use Roku Activation Link Code on Roku TV?

All about to Create Roku account with Link Roku enter code
Enter the code displayed on your device to begin

How you can access the YouTube TV on your device using the enter code? YouTube TV works with various streaming media players such as Google Chrome cast, Apple TV, PS4, Fire TV, Android TV, Xbox One, Chrome cast, Amazon Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, and Roku streaming players & TVs, and many more. There are also YouTube TV apps for your smart TVs and game consoles.

Youtube updated and introduced a feature that will give all the Roku users a way to access the Youtube TV from within the Youtube App. All the Youtube TV members on Roku will steam their favorite shows by following the steps below. 

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To begin with 

    • You must have the Youtube app downloaded from the Roku Channel Store.
    • Now from the left side menu of the App, click on “Go to YouTube TV”
    • If you are not signed in to a YouTube TV account, do that first. 
    • With this, you can enjoy YouTube TV from YouTube App on Roku

    Now you are good to go! However, you can learn more about it from the Help Center

    Features of YouTube TV on Roku Streaming Devices

    YouTube TV offers various features which benefit the user. You can watch it on all the devices like phones, tablets, computers, or TV. the main features which you can get while streaming the App are –


    Features of YouTube TV on Roku Streaming Devices

    Who doesn’t want to store their favorite shows and watch them later on the weekends? Yes almost everyone wishes to have the Unlimited cloud DVR facility from their streaming TV network. Cloud DVR is a tool that most of the live TV streaming services offer these days. Users will be able to store the unlimited data, however, m it can vanish after nine months. The DVR feature was recently updated to allow the pause, rewind, and fast forward through all recorded shows, regardless of the network.

    Multiple Users

    Like most streaming services, YouTube TV also offers its customers the option to watch on multiple screens at once. With YouTube TV you have the option to create up to 6 sub-accounts for your family members. No worries if someone is already watching with the same account because up to 3 members can watch at the same time in the same stream. All you need to pay for one subscription i.e $64.99 So Enjoy!

    On-Demand Channels

    On YouTube TV you can experience on-demand subscription channels that offer hundreds of free shows and movies to binge on. Just like all other OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video, YouTube TV also benefit their users with on-demand subscriptions. Most of the channels included with the YouTube TV subscription and let you watch their shows after they are initially air, on-demand. It can be a handy way to catch up on any older episodes or seasons that aired before you started to record those using the DVR function.

    Voice Control Voice Control is a cool feature of YouTube TV. With the help of this feature, you can control your YouTube TV all you need is to own a Google Home speaker, such as the Google Nest Mini, and use the Chromecast device to watch the YouTube TV on your device. You can use just your voice to control the functions such as selecting a TV channel to watch live TV, starting specific shows, recording a show, or using playback functions buttons such as pause, resume, and rewind.

    Video and Audio Quality

    YouTube TV supports up to 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second and up to 720p at 60 frames per second, the same HD quality as the cable/satellite providers and most of the other streaming TV services you are accustomed to. It streams the content with the standard 2.0 stereo audio quality.

    Get YouTube TV Subscription Plan Today

    YouTube TV offers a YouTube Premium subscription plan which included awesome features to maintain the exclusive user experience. This subscription service provides you ad-free access to the content across the service as well as access to the premium YouTube Originals, downloading videos and background playback of videos on the mobile devices, and access to the YouTube Music streaming service.

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    Streaming Channel store
    Roku Link Account no Audio

    YouTube TV live channels (partial list):
    • Local channels (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS).
    • Animal Planet.
    • BBC America
    • Cartoon Network
    • CNN
    • Comedy Central
    • Disney XD
    • Food Network
    • Fox News
    • Investigation Discovery
    • NatGeo
    • MTV
    • TBS
    • TNT
    • TLC
    • USA
    • VH1

    Check the Full YouTube TV channel list

    YouTube TV original shows and movies- With a YouTube premium subscription, you can have access to the latest youtube original shows and movies. This is exclusively for premium users. Some of the high-rated shows that you can watch on your Roku streaming devices are as follows-

    Original YouTube TV shows

    • Cobra Kai.
    • Escape the Night.
    • Liza on Demand.
    • Impulse.
    • Foursome.
    • Sugar.

    Original YouTube movies

    • Coachella: 20 Years in the Desert
    • Viper Club
    • Burn the Stage
    • Stalking Vampire
    • The Thinning
    • Museum

    YoutTube Tv Add-on Channels on Roku Streaming Devices

    Apart from the available channels on Youtube TV channels, you can also add extra channels to your list. To view the full list of your area channel line-up, enter your 5 digit Zip code in the “Channels” section box of your YouTube TV channels box. YouTube Add-ons packages can be activated on your device by paying some additional monthly charges.

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    Check out the various add-ons channels with their subscription from below-

    • HBO ($ 14.99/month)
    • Showtime ($ 7/month)
    • Starz ($ 9/month)
    • AMC Premiere ($ 5/month)
    • EPIX ($ 6/month)
    • Fox Soccer Plus ($ 15/month)
    • NBA League Pass ($ 40/month)
    • Urban Movie Channel ($ 5/moth)
    • Acorn TV ($ 6/month) and many more

    Benefits of YouTube Premium Subscription Plan

    With the YouTube premium subscription plan, you get access to all the YouTube Originals series and movies and a free subscription to the YouTube Music premium. The benefits that you may enjoy in this subscription plan are –
    Enjoy ad-free viewing on any of the platforms when you sign in to your Google account, including the web, smartphones, Roku devices, or any of the other streaming devices.
    Users get access to YouTube original content, primarily from high-profile creators along with some TV shows, documentaries, and movies. Enjoy background play of the audio of the video content on your mobile phone even if you are outside the app or even when your phone display is closed. Watch the downloaded videos or playlists content in offline mode on your smartphone or tablet.
    YouTube music service provided in the premium package allows the user to download, stream offline music. You can also listen to music while your screen is off or when using any other Application.

    How to Sign In to Your YouTube TV?

    To access the YouTube TV on your streaming device you need to sign in to your Google account. To do so, you need to follow these steps –

    • Firstly, open your YouTube TV app on your TV or your media streaming device.
      Visit and enter code on your computer or mobile device to connect the YouTube TV with your device.
    • Then, go to the settings and scroll down to link the YouTube TV with the TV code.
    • Enter the activation code displayed on your TV screen
    • Now, select the account associated with your YouTube TV membership i.e Roku.
    • Click on the “Allow” button to proceed further.
    • Now you can access your YouTube TV on your device.

    How to Create the YouTube account from

    If not have an account with Google, it’s mandatory to create one. Creating a google account is the best and easy option as it will automatically connect to your Youtube. Start the process of creating a YouTube account by following the steps mentioned below-

    • Firstly, open any of the web browsers on your computer or your smartphone.
    • Now go to the URL i.e. or start and click on the “Sign up” link.
    • Enter the email address and your password.
    • Fill in the Re-type password and username field.
    • Then, select the Country from the location drop-down list.
    • Now enter the postal code of your city.
    • Select your gender and Enter your date of birth.
    • Fill in the Captcha Code for verification
    • Check the terms and conditions after reading it.
    • Click on the “Create My Account” button to create your YouTube account.

    How to Activate the YouTube TV on your Roku Device?

    Activating YouTube on your Roku device is pretty easy as it takes a few minutes to set up. Once your YouTube is activated on your Roku device, you can easily watch the YouTube videos on your TV screen. For Activating YouTube Tv on Roku, you need to enter the code provided. Follow the steps below to have an effortless activation process.

    • Connect your Roku device with your TV.
    • Go to your “Home” Screen by pressing the “Home button” from your remote.
    • Select the option “Channel Store” and press the “Ok” button from your device remotely.
    • Go to the Top Free option, select the “YouTube” then press the “Ok” button from your remote.
    • You will see an option for “Add Channel”. Select this option and press the “Ok” button
    • Wait for a while. You will see that YouTube will be added to your channels.
    • To check whether YouTube is added to your device, you just have to press the “Home” button and go to the
    • Channels list. You will see that the YouTube channel is added to your channel’s list.
    • Now select and open the YouTube channel.
    • Select the “Gear” icon which is present on the left side of the YouTube channel.
    • Select the “Sign in” box and enter your YouTube account information.
    • Now Roku will give you the 8 digit code. Write this code on a piece of paper to use this code further.
    • Now go to the URL i.e. from your laptop or your smartphone.
    • Sign in to your Google account.
    • Enter the 8 digit code that Roku has given.
    • Click on the “Allow” access.
      Now you will see that YouTube is activated on your Roku device with the Roku link code. You can watch anything on your YouTube on a Roku Streaming device without any problem.

    How you can cast your show on your TV?

    You can cast your show on your TV in two ways –

    With Android or iPhone Smartphone
    And with a Computer

    Let us discuss both the process in detail with step by step explanation for casting your favorite shows on your TV.

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    How to cast your show on a TV with the help of your Android or iPhone Smartphone?

    To cast your show to a TV with the help of your Android or iPhone smartphone, you need to follow these steps –

    • Connect your smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network connection as the Chrome cast.
    • Now open the YouTube TV app on your smartphone.
    • Tap the “Cast” icon which is located at the top right corner of your “Home” screen.
    • Now select the device to which you want to cast.
    • Select the show or the movie you want to watch on your smartphone.

    Now tap on the “Play” option to see the show or movie on your smartphone.

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    How to cast your show to a TV with the help of your Computer?

    Follow the steps mentioned below for casting your show to a TV with the help of your computer-

    • Firstly, connect your computer and streaming device to the same Wifi network as the chrome cast.
    • Then, go to the URL i.e. in any of the web browsers on your computer.
    • After that, select the show or movie you want to watch on your computer.
    • Once the video start opening, now click on the “Cast” icon. If you are on a Mac device, you will have to select the “AirPlay” button on your Mac’s “Menu” bar.

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    How to resolve the Connectivity issue with your YouTube TV?

    If your internet connection is down or simply too slow, you might get the playback error message on your device screen. To resolve this connectivity issue with your YouTube TV, you need to follow these steps –
    Firstly, check the speed of your internet connection. Make sure it is running at high speed.
    If yes then turn off all the devices that are connected to your home network connection. Close all the background apps or other programs that are running on your device. Now place the modem or the router near your device and restart your YouTube app.
    Connect your device again using the Ethernet cable and restart your YouTube app on your device.
    Note – To run the YouTube TV on your device, you need at least 3 Mbps internet speed to run the YouTube TV at a minimum streaming quality and at least 13 Mbps internet speed to stream the HD quality videos.

    However, in case of any errors and inconvenience, feel free to contact us at any hour of the day.

    Frequently Asked Questions:-

    Is YouTube on TV free?

    Generally, it costs $35 plus tax and fees to register from Android or even the browser. There is a free 30-day trial available. That is more than enough time to test out the platform to see whether it meets your expectations.

    How can I get access to local channels on
    Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the ZIP code for the location where the membership will be based in. YouTube TV will therefore display a specialized “Locals” section at the top of the search results, emphasizing the specific local channels that seem to be available at the moment.
    What is the downside of YouTube TV?

    There aren’t too many disadvantages to using YouTube TV. One disadvantage of YouTube TV is it doesn’t support offline browsing. Even their own DVR is cloud-based, so YouTube TV is just not for you if you really want to stream your tv series while traveling or with no mobile data connection on the go.

    How do I stream on my TV if I don’t have a smart TV?

    Chromecast is among the most simple manners to watch YouTube on your television. For using Chromecast, you wouldn’t require a smart TV; basically connect a small device into an HDMI port on the Television and “cast” YouTube from the mobile, tablet, or pc.

    Can I share YouTube TV with my family in another house?

    If you share your YouTube TV subscription with a family group, the area needs to be the same. The family supervisor determines the home location, and all members of the family must primarily reside in the very same residence. To control access, all family members should use YouTube TV at their home address on a regular basis.

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