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Don’t have the slightest idea why the Xfinity stream not working on Roku? In this post, you will discover and will figure out how to troubleshoot like a specialist.

Besides, we will talk about why your stream doesn’t work and how you can deal to resolve the issue at home. Follow all the strategies and proposals!

To fix the Xfinity stream on Roku, first ensure that your Xfinity gadget is working accurately. Ensure that it is turned on, that the streaming is flowing accurately, and that there aren’t any broad equipment malfunctions.

Presently, we will bounce into more details for individuals with more complex cases so there isn’t anything to stress over. We got you covered!

For what reason is the Xfinity stream not working on Roku?

There is more than one explanation that could affect your Roku and Xfinity work process.

Your streaming features by and large rely upon your organization and later in the post we will address this worry.

To begin with, you ought to play out the conspicuous general troubleshooting so we can begin excluding possibilities immediately!

Technique 1: General troubleshooting

There are a couple of approaches that you would have to begin with and if they don’t help, you will gradually develop your approach to more complex arrangements.

  1. Guarantee that Roku is connected to a similar organization as your Xfinity gadget.
  2. Restart Xfinity gadget.
  3. Restart Roku gadget
  4. Design your Roku to the organization (optional)
  5. Reset Roku account credentials and re-login
  6. Check all links, Disconnect and reconnect from scratch
  7. Test equipment links for glitches

Technique 2: Relog into Xfinity Beta Channel

Another handy solution you can apply to your Roku TV if your Xfinity stream isn’t running accurately is to sign all through the beta stream channel.

This technique is known to revive the stream and resolve any worldly issues inside your Roku TV.

This could likewise assist with general issues identified with your account so make a point to apply this progression as needed before continuing any further.

To play out this strategy, follow the means we have accommodated the cycle down underneath:

  • Enter the Xfinity application on your Roku TV
  • Explore settings and head to the account tab
  • Find the sign out alternative
  • Sit tight for some time and afterward click on sign in
  • Enter your Xfinity certifications and snap on the login button

Presently, head to the Xfinity beta channel and check whether the issue continues.

If it, do you actually can’t sort out some way to manage the Xfinity stream on Roku not working, go ahead and continue with the following technique.

Technique 3: Check web organization

Another overall issue that could meddle with your Xfinity channel from working because the association could be harmed.

If your organization has a terrible sign, there is an incredible chance that your Xfinity beta channel will be delayed also.

In such a manner, we have arranged two valuable strategies that will assist you with working on the general nature of your web association.

1. Move the router

Perhaps the best methodology, with regards to the terrible web, would migrate your router nearer to the receiver.

This technique is not able to successfully speed up your network depending upon how close your modem switch is to the gadget.

We suggest placing your switch in one room with your Roku gadget to keep away from any sort of obstruction that may keep your association from working accurately.

2. Restart the router

One more basic technique for troubleshooting temporal organization issues is a modem/router restart. You essentially need to wind down your switch and turn off the power cable.

Then, at that point sit tight for a couple of moments, and attachment is back in. Remember that this move is prescribed to take place once every week to keep away from the terrible network and high dormancy.

Technique 4: Power cycle Roku

After this, we would now be able to reason that your organization isn’t the issue. A dependable troubleshooting strategy is neatly rebooting your Roku gadget.

Power cycling Roku will settle any power-related issues inside your gadget and presumably help if the Xfinity Stream on Roku isn’t working.

Moving along, how about we get into the fundamental course of power cycling your Roku gadget.

1. Mood killer your Roku gadget utilizing the remote.

2. Turn off the power cable from the electrical plug.

3. Hang tight for 3 to 5 minutes.

4. Attachment the power cable back in

Simple as that, you have now played out a power cycle on your Roku gadget and ideally settled any temporal issues screwing with your Xfinity beta channel.

Technique 5: Update your Roku gadget

Notably, matured programming could cause issues inside your Xfinity beta channel, and staying up with the latest is vital.

To do that you should get to the settings and head to programming update. Then, at that point click on check for refreshes, and in case there is another one tries to download and install it.

Note: Keep as a main priority that more established Roku gadgets probably won’t uphold Xfinity beta channels and assuming you need to partake in your camera’s stream you ought to consider buying the more current model off Roku (check the help of your model on the web).

In the wake of refreshing your gadget, head to the Xfinity beta channel and check if your stream is presently working.

If it didn’t help, don’t get debilitate yet, as down underneath are the choices you have left.

Xfinity stream not working on Roku issue still there

If none of the techniques above were useful, you are left with only a couple of conceivable outcomes. Your Xfinity or Roku gadget is broken or is excessively old.

For additional help, you contact both Xfinity and Roku client support and clarify what you are attempting to accomplish.

Remember to refer to what you have attempted so you can save however much time as could be expected.

If you have distinguished an issue with your organization, then again, there is no point reaching any client care except for your web provider.


If you can apply in the correct way, the Xfinity stream not working on Roku will at this point don’t be an issue for you.

All things considered, this could be only a temporal bother and with the appropriate restart, the issue ought to be in the end settled. Contact us for more information.