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Role of Women in 2nd World War -History Channel on Roku

Women played a significant role during the civil war. With the outburst of war in 1861, women and men volunteered for a fight for the cause. American ladies directed their concentration toward the world outside the home. During war women used to plant vegetables, bake food, laundered and sewed uniform, knitted gloves and socks for […]

History channel app not working? Don’t miss out on brain-tickling series.

Whether you are a skeptic or an enthusiast for all things extra-terrestrial or you are just looking for something interesting to binge on over the weekend, then Ancient Aliens is just perfect for you to tickle your brain and step into another dimension beyond the truth about the earth and the universe that you have […]

History Channel App not working!! Missing out on history channel shows.

Do you ever lose the track of your thoughts and start to wonder what our beloved planet Earth would look like, function like without the human interference at all. The show, Life after People really leaves a poignant aftermath episode after episode on what the planet will be like after there is zero human population. […]

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