Role of Women in 2nd World War -History Channel on Roku

Women played a significant role during the civil war. With the outburst of war in 1861, women and men volunteered for a fight for the cause. American ladies directed their concentration toward the world outside the home. During war women used to plant vegetables, bake food, laundered and sewed uniform, knitted gloves and socks for […]

Link Activation Roku for Bob Ross’ life lessons: how to paint on YouTube

If you’re into learning art and life lessons at the same time your search for something soul-feeding is over with Bob Ross’ painting tutorials has been the most beloved artist of America. The curly-haired, soft-spoken painting tutorials who makes happy artistic mistakes calling them “happy accidents” has been stealing our hearts through the PBS TV […]

Link activation Roku to Enjoy movies with your furballs this winters only on Roku TV

Winter is already here and how nice it would be to cuddle up to your pets and treat them with pet-centric movies to enjoy. This time grab some snacks for you and your dog and get on to reaching the end of this list. We are sure you will thoroughly enjoy these movies. All you […]

Link activation Roku to STARZ’s power on Roku TV: Subscribe now

After binging on the first five seasons of Power you must be wondering when the second half of Power 6 set to air will. The final season of the series has been keeping the viewers gripped ever since it started streaming at the end of August. The very first episode kept the fans in suspense […]

Link activation Roku to find Post-Halloween surprise: Hocus Pocus sequel

A lot of readers will agree on Hocus Pocus to be one of the best Halloween movies ever, either you’re re-watching it every Halloween or your kids are watching it for the first time to get to know about Halloween traditions. Here is everything you need to know about the sequel that Bette Midler is […] create account to Create your Roku account with ease

If you consider getting US apps like Vudu, Hulu, etc. you need to have a DNS setup on the device that you will use to sign up for the Roku account. If you don’t follow this you will end up creating a local Roku account that will not serve the intended purpose. You can do […]

History channel app not working? Don’t miss out on brain-tickling series.

Whether you are a skeptic or an enthusiast for all things extra-terrestrial or you are just looking for something interesting to binge on over the weekend, then Ancient Aliens is just perfect for you to tickle your brain and step into another dimension beyond the truth about the earth and the universe that you have […]

Link Activation Roku and Let it go, Disney’s Frozen 2 is releasing soon

We all have been waiting for almost six years for this moment, we can finally let go of the wait to watch, Frozen 2 sequel to Disney’s hit musical set to hit theaters this winter. It’s been so long since we had our last trip to the kingdom of Arendelle back in 2013 on link […]

Link activation Roku stay updated: CNN News Channel on Roku

Simi Valley fire erupted around 6 a.m. near Easy street in Simi Valley. And the fire quickly turns out of control. The fire has charred over more than 1600 acres and no containment. The fire has threating homes near the valley and forcing thousands of residents to flee. Watch the latest news about fire on […]

Enter link code to activate your Roku Stream TV

To activate your Roku Stream TV you need to enter link code before it expires to link your streaming player to a Roku account. Your Roku account will hold all the information about the channels that you have installed along with your personal preferences and settings that you have customized. You will need to have […]

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