TNT Activation on Roku

TNT On Roku
 TNT On Roku
TNT On Roku

Roku has a significant collection of channels for its users both paid and free as well. With this facility, this provides users the advantage of paying for the channels they want. There are two primary channels for Roku TNT and TBS. With a mix of sports and comic genres, some activate TBS and those who love sports and drama go for TNT. Roku is a powerhouse of channels and has something for everyone. Activate TNT on Roku today!

Check the steps for activating TNT on Roku

TNT On Roku
TNT On Roku
  • This is a paid channel so there must be a subscription to activate on Roku.
  • Once you have the subscription, go to the Roku account.
  • Login to the Roku account and open the Roku channel store.
  • Search ‘TNT’ and go to the channel home menu and select ‘Add channel’
  • Use TNT subscription credentials to download the channel package.
  • Go to the channel bundle and complete the payment transaction.

After the payment, the TNT activation account is linked to the Roku account and the TNT channel will start in no time! Any issues in activating TNT? Contact!

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TNT On Roku
TNT On Roku

Turner Network Television, also known as TNT, is an acclaimed channel on Roku. The channel is a favorite amongst Roku users because of the wide variety of content offered. Once your TNT activation is linked to the Roku account you can watch unlimited entertainment like never before.

TBS is the sister channel of TNT activation and the channel is owned by Warner-media. Once you have a subscription to TBS you can watch your favorite shows on the Roku channel. However, most of the shows are on-demand shows so they are available for viewers on demand. Apart from this, there are bundle deals with TBS you can choose from like YouTube, DIRECT TV now, and Hulu TV.

Check the steps for activating TBS on Roku
  • Switch on the Roku player and go to the menu screen
  • On the menu, tab scroll down to the Roku channel store and press ‘Ok’ Button
TNT On Roku
  • Under the section ‘Movies and TV’ search TBS
  • Add subscription credentials provided to connect TBS to Roku account.
TNT On Roku
  • On the activation page for TBS, search for the device.
  • Punch the activation code to the Roku channel activation page.
  • Once it’s done you are going to go to watch TBS on Roku
Roku TNT Activation issue – need instant assistance!

If you are facing any issue with activating TNT and any of these channels then simply contact Roku Customer Support for the same. In addition to the activation of any other query related to TNT activation, device activation or channel activation dial our toll-free-number at +1-845-470-0148 or visit our website –

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