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Here is how you can use the Roku Channel Store to have full access to your favorite movies on Roku com link.


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    We are sure that you are familiar with the app store that you use on your smartphone to install new applications, the same way Roku Channel Store on your Roku streaming player. You can install channels on Roku applications for your television choosing amongst so many channels as per your needs. Some of the popular channels include Netflix on Roku, Hulu, and ESPN on Roku, Sky News, Disney+, and PBS KIDS.

    You can have access to unlimited new shows and movies on the Roku Channel store and enjoy the uninterrupted binging time with Roku TV. The Roku Channel Store also provides access to various music channels such as Vevo and Spotify. People who love sports have sports channels like ESPN as well as News channels, weather-related channels, travel, religion, shopping, themes, screensavers, photo applications such as Plex TV, Gaming Channels like PUBG TV. What we mean is that Roku TV has everything in store for every single person.

    How to add popular channels during setup

    Roku com link to activate channels

    When you are done activating your Roku streaming device you need to make sure it is linked to your Roku account by entering link code. This will give you access to add all the popular channels directly from the website.
    Roku Channel Store gives you the freedom of choosing according to your requirements. No channel is unnecessarily added or charged to your account. In case you have installed a channel to your account and later on, you decide you don’t require that channel anymore then you have the freedom to remove that channel from your Roku device on Roku com link.
    There are a lot of channels that offer a free trial period of a week or a month for you to try the content of the channel available for you to decide what you want to pay for that channel or not. Be careful when the free trial period of the channel ends or your credit card or payment account might get charged. Since your subscription will be converted to regular subscription with a reoccurring bill.

    Add channels to your Roku device on Roku com link

    You can learn here how to add channels to your Roku streaming device and which of the popular channels to choose from the store. There are so many new channels being added so we recommend you to go through the Roku Channel Store regularly. Here are some of the channels that you should not miss.

    Netflix: we all are familiar with this one, Netflix on Roku since it’s the most talked about and loved streaming service with new shows and movies coming every week for the audience to binge on. You can Netflix and chill with award-winning series and movies of all the genres.

    YouTube: With YouTube premium services and so much free content including new music videos, trending videos for entertainment, news, gaming and so much more we feel getting YouTube on Roku is quite a good decision. You can create your playlists and have fun exploring the shows and original content being posted on YouTube every day.

    Hulu: You can have unlimited access to movies and Hulu exclusive shows on Hulu or Roku. You can enjoy Hulu’s original content, past seasons of the shows, current new episodes, live news and so much more. You can pick from Hulu and Hulu ad-free version as per your needs. Hulu activation on Roku is convenient you just need to download the app from the Roku channel store and log in your account or create one if you don’t have.

    Disney Plus: A while ago after a long wait Disney launched Disney plus with thousands of old and news shows for the audience to watch at just $6.99 a month. So far everyone has been loving the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda has united all the fans with extreme cuteness. We highly recommend this one channel for endless nostalgic streaming content on-demand.

    Prime Video: Amazon’s prime video is one of the leading and entertaining streaming which is worth all your time and money with all the original content like The family man, The boys, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and so much more. You can rent or buy shows and movies according to your needs.

    Sling TV: Sling TV is one of its kind like live cable TV which won’t let you miss your old cable TV. If you want to save some bucks this is one channel that you should not skip on with a lot of content to binge on. With Sling TV you get to decide between Sling Blue and Sling Orange depending upon your requirements.

    HBO NOW: you can watch movies, shows, and documentaries being premiered on HBO GO. The content will get you hooked and addicted to binge watch series after series. One of the most-watched shows is Westworld with its third season lined up for 2020. Enjoy watching or rewatching Big Little Lies and Game of Thrones. On top of these hit shows you can watch the news, comedy shows, and smart talk shows.

    PBS KIDS: Keep your kids entertained with PBS KIDS with entertaining and informative cartoon shows. PBS KIDS offers engaging games for the kids to enjoy and learn from. Shows like Sesame Street and Arthur have been keeping the kids entertained for so many years.

    HISTORY CHANNEL: This is one channel that you cannot afford to skip on your Roku TV. From amazing shows like Ancient Aliens, Pawn Stars, Life After People, and so many more to get your mind engaged in alien theories or what will happen to Earth with the sudden disappearance of humans. History Channel on Roku is one of the most-watched channels all because of the informative and interesting content that you will be glued to your TV screens.

    ESPN: We don’t need to tell you all about the significance of ESPN amongst sports lovers. This is another channel amongst a few hundred channels that you should not miss on. ESPN on Roku will give you access to live games and highlights.

    With the help of the Roku activation code, you can get your stream TV working for unlimited on-demand content. You can register and create an account on Roku com link, for further assistance our team of experts is available 24×7 to guide you.

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