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Lifetime is a channel where female-oriented programs are focused. And full of emotional reality TV content can be found on lifetime TV. Initially, Lifetime struggles to hold its position in the industry until it changed leadership and bought female-oriented shows such as Kristen Dunst ‘Vehicle 15′. All the major streaming services include lifetime TV in their kitty. Activate Lifetime on Roku now!

Lifetime Channel On Roku
Lifetime Channel On Roku

The Lifetime app is free to use and with the app, you get access to all the famous reality shows like Project Runway and Dance moms. Behind the scenes and preview clips are added every day to lifetime TV. This feature is only available in the United States. The channel subscribers are increasing day by day due to its unique content!

All you need is to click < site and you can easily activate the channel on Roku. Here’s the list of your famous lifetime channel shows:

  • Little Woman: LA
  • The Rap game
  • American Beauty star
  • Married at first sight
  • So sharp
  • Project Runway
Lifetime Channel On Roku
Lifetime Channel On Roku

TV Providers for the Lifetime Channel

  • Cox
  • Hulu
  • Verizon
  • Xfinity
  • AT& T
  • DirecTV

Platforms for a Lifetime

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
Lifetime On Roku
Lifetime On Roku

Steps for Lifetime TV activation on Roku

There are few requirements for Lifetime TV activation on Roku that are needed to stream the channel. First a Roku streaming device (Roku has many devices as per your need and budget to choose from), Credentials of your TV service provider, a fast and reliable internet connection and a mobile or computer device. The last is your Roku remote. Let’s get started for the activation.

  • Login to Roku account and connect the account to the streaming player
  • On Roku home screen< Enter the channel for any Roku channel search
  • Go to channel category < Roku channel store.
  • In the search bar < Type < Lifetime TV.
  • You get the result
  • Once channel selected < navigate < Lifetime channel home screen
  • Tab on the option <‘ add channel'< next to Lifetime channel Logo
add lifetime to roku 1024x576 1 - Lifetime on Roku
Lifetime Channel On Roku
  • The channel is free and no subscription fee is required
  • Wait a few seconds < code will be generated
  • Now, you receive < my lifetime authorize code for Roku
  • On your device, simply click < < Roku
  • Now, a list of TV providers will be available and choose < Provider
  • Last, enter < my lifetime authorize enter code for Roku < Click continue
Lifetime Channel On Roku
Lifetime Channel On Roku

Besides these steps, if you still face any issue with your lifetime TV activation then you should immediately contact us. Our technicians are well versed with all the Roku issues and they will provide you with instant help. No need to waste your money and energy!

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