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If you’re a cord-cutter with a Roku, you might be interested in adding another web-based feature to your channels. DirecTV Now has had a couple of months to develop and improve and now appears to be a fun chance to try it. What DirecTV Channels are on Roku? If you want to watch DirecTV Now on a Roku gadget, here’s the way to do it.

DirecTV Now from AT&T hasn’t had the most promising beginning. Assailed by early issues, accused of offering the same old thing and no cloud DVR capacities, the help has progressed significantly since dispatch last November. 

DirecTV Now presents 120 channels and will run on the latest Roku gadgets.

DirecTV Now will run fine on Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku Streaming Stick, 4K Roku TVs, Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, Roku 4, Roku 3, and Roku 2. Roku says they are working with AT&T to help more seasoned gadgets yet this is the current list.

Watch DirecTV Channels are on Roku

Before getting into what DirecTV Now offers and how it has improved, let us not cover the feature. 

This is the way you can watch DirecTV Now on Roku. What DirecTV Channels are on Roku? The interaction is the same as adding some other channel.

  1. Power on your Roku and TV.
  2. Select Home and Streaming Channels.
  3. Search for DirecTV Now and Add Channel when Roku tracks down it

DirecTV Now should now show up on your channel list and be available. If Roku can’t track down DirecTV Now play out a framework update.

  1. Go to the Home screen.
  2. Select Settings and System.
  3. Select System Update and Check Now.
  4. Allow the interaction to finish and afterward repeat the above steps to add DirecTV Now.

DirecTV Now – DirecTV Channels are on Roku

DirecTV Now is the most recent in a long queue of web-based TV administrations. What DirecTV Channels are on Roku? It goes up against Sling TV, Sony’s PlayStation Vue, FuboTV, and Hulu with Live TV among others and has an incredible fight on its hands for supremacy.

Early supporters gripped poor bitrates, heaps of curios in streams, regular errors, and a burdensome point of interaction. Since its dispatch, last November, the majority of these issues have been settled. 

The connection point can in any case be burdensome now and again yet the remainder of the issues appears to have been cleared up.

DirecTV Now has four membership packages:

  1. Live a Little @$35/month for 60+ channels
  2. Just Right @$50/month for 80+ channels
  3. Go Big @$60/month for 100+ channels
  4. Gotta Have it @$70/month for 120+ channels

You additionally get local TV channels, even though DirecTV Now doesn’t ensure admittance to these. 

If you are as of now an AT&T remote client, you can get genuine limits on these costs.

The channel arrangement is the same for different administrations. Indeed, even the base Live a Little package has a decent scope of channels, however, does include sports. 

For that, you will require Just Right. Devotees of HBO and Cinemax should pay an additional $5 each month for every one of these channels.

DirecTV Now features and quality

AT&T has attempted to make DirecTV Now as wide-running as could be expected. It runs on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android, Chrome and Safari so has essentially everything covered.

The one significant shortcoming of DirecTV Now is the absence of DVR ability. Without a doubt, you can stream as much content as you like and watch live TV from anyplace however you actually can’t save or record shows or control them in any capacity. 

Contrasted with Vue or Sling TV, or any of the other people who deal with cloud DVR, this is a significant oversight. 

Similarly, there are so many catch-up TV channels!

DirecTV Now permits two simultaneous streams for every account. Contrasted with Sling TV’s three and PlayStation Vue’s five, this appears to be somewhat close. There is no choice yet to permit all the more either like Hulu with Live TV.

Is DirecTV Now worth the cash?

Better than ever DirecTV Now is superior to the dispatch adaptation. What DirecTV Channels are on Roku? Of that, there is no question. 

Be that as it may, with no DVR work, just two streams, and an inconvenient point of interaction, it is difficult to suggest it over different administrations given comparative estimating. The absence of any games on the Live a Little arrangement is irritating as well.

If you are an AT&T remote client as of now, you can get the arrangement less expensive than the standard cost. 

That makes it significantly more beneficial than for those of us who are not as of now AT&T clients.

While the video quality is phenomenal and the assistance is improving, it is difficult to sell DirecTV Now over more settled administrations. 

In any case, if the help continues adding features and adjusting channels and costs, that could before long change.

Conclusion: What DirecTV Channels are on Roku? 

DirecTV doesn’t offer a channel on Roku for satellite supporters. 

You can utilize your DirecTV satellite membership accreditations to activate or validate individual streaming stations, yet there is no brought together station to see your DirecTV administration on a Roku gadget.

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