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Solved: Firestick Won’t Connect to WiFi:

What to do If your Amazon firestick won’t connect to wifi?

The Amazon Fire Stick is one of the most mind-blowing streaming gadgets out there.

It offers an awesome package of content and brags of other astounding components that convert a standard TV to a brilliant one. Without Fire Stick won’t Connect to Wi-Fi, in any case, it’s extremely difficult to use many elements of Fire TV to adhere to their fullest possibilities.

In case you are on this page because your Fire TV Stick is having availability issues, head right to the part underneath for investigating tips on fixing Fire Stick Not Connecting To Wi-Fi.

1. CHECK FOR ROUTER LIMITATIONS/RESTRICTIONS – Firestick won’t connect to wifi

In case you are confronting issues with interfacing Fire TV adhere to a Wi-Fi organization, then, at that point, you need to take a look at a couple of things with your switch first.

  • To get going, one of the ideal investigating moves is to affirm that the Wi-Fi switch is to be sure working appropriately and doesn’t have any limit that is forestalling the Fire TV stick from associating with the switch.
  • You should make sure that the switch doesn’t have a DHCP incapacitated else you need to allot a static IP to the Fire TV stick.
  • If the quantity of associated gadgets on the switch has hit the put forth line, you can either expand the number of concurrent associations (if conceivable) or detach one gadget to account for the Fire TV stick.
  • You could likewise physically allocate your Fire TV stick its exceptional IP address through your switch’s DHCP menu.
  • You ought to likewise check the switch’s administrator board to affirm that your Fire TV stick isn’t impeded or boycotted.
  • In case it is, you ought to unblock or whitelist your Fire TV stick and take a stab at reconnecting to the Wi-Fi organization.

2. UNHIDE WI-FI SSID – Firestick Won’t connect to wifi

You additionally need to ensure that the Wi-Fi network you’re attempting to associate your Fire TV stick to isn’t covered up.

Else, it won’t show up on the rundown of accessible organizations on your Fire TV stick. Along these lines, you have two options: unhide the arrange or connect with the secret Wi-Fi through the strategy underneath.

  • Navigate to the Fire TV stick Settings menu.
  • Select Network.
  • Scroll to the base and select ‘Join Other Network.’
  • Enter the SSID (read: name) of the Wi-Fi organization and tap the Play/Pause catch to continue.
  • Next, select the organization’s security type and tap the Play/Pause catch to continue.
  • Enter the organization’s password or security code and tap the Play/Pause catch to continue.
  • Confirm the organization details and tap CONNECT (Play/Pause button on the remote) to interface with the secret Wi-Fi organization.


If all is well with the switch settings, you should do is to reboot the switch. A straightforward reboot could assist with fixing plenty of network issues.

From that point forward, try reconnecting the Fire TV to adhere to the switch. If the association gives continues, attempt the following investigating choices beneath.

4. Disregard AND RECONNECT TO WI-FI NETWORK – Firestick won’t connect to wifi

In the case of Fire Stick Not Connecting To Wi-Fi, had recently utilized on the Fire TV stick, however, you are confronting confirmation issues, or maybe the Fire TV stick simply will not associate with the organization, you ought to fail to remember the organization and reconnect to it. Here’s the secret.

  • Navigate to the Fire TV Stick Settings segment.
  • Select Network.
  • Move the cursor to the Network having association issues. Tap on the Menu button.
  • Tap the Select button to affirm failing to remember the organization.

This would erase the organization from your Fire TV stick data set. Presently take a stab at reconnecting to the organization.

Still not interfacing? Time to attempt an alternate hack.


Restarting your Fire TV stick could likewise assist with fixing some network issues. There are not many approaches to reboot the Fire TV stick:

Utilizing Remote Shortcut

Essentially tap and hold the Select button and the Play/Pause button on your Fire TV stick remote at the same time for around 4-5 seconds until a message that peruses ‘Your Amazon Fire TV is Powering Off’ is shown on the screen.

That will power off your gadget and consequently restart it in around 2-4 seconds.

From Settings Menu

  • Navigate to the Fire TV stick Settings menu.
  • ‘My Fire TV’ alternative.
  • Restart.
  • Select the Restart alternative to affirm the activity.

Your Fire TV stick would control off and restart right away.

Actual Reboot

That includes turning off your Fire TV Stick from its force source and stopping it back following two or three seconds.

Rebooting your Fire TV stick utilizing any of the strategies above will yield a similar outcome and at last assist with fixing Wi-Fi network issues.


  • Each variant/age of Fire TV Stick accompanies an HDMI Extender.
  • That HDMI Extender assists with fitting the Fire TV stick appropriately to your TV’s HDMI port.
  • So utilizing it enjoys some additional benefits.
  • For one’s purposes, the HDMI extender assists with working on the exhibition of the Fire TV remote.
  • Furthermore, it additionally helps the Wi-Fi network.
  • Amazon suggests utilizing the Fire TV Stick with the HDMI Extender consistently.
  • Asides from further developing organization execution, it additionally helps fix some Wi-Fi availability issues.

All things considered, in case you are utilizing the Fire TV stick without the HDMI extender and the Fire Stick Not Connecting To Wi-Fi, have a go at snaring the gadget to your TV utilizing the extender and attempt once more.


If your Fire TV stick isn’t associating with your (or any) Wi-Fi network after attempting all strategies recorded above, you ought to do a production line reset.

That alternative ought to be viewed if all else fails if any remaining arrangements fall flat.

That is because re-establishing your Fire TV stick to processing plant default would erase all the downloaded content and information on the gadget. So you’ll need to set it up as another one.


Somewhere around one of the investigating tips above should fix your Fire TV stick’s Wi-Fi availability issue.

If your Fire Stick Not Connecting To Wi-Fi After attempting all conceivable investigating alternatives, you should contact Amazon Device Support or return the Fire TV to adhere to the store/place to check.

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