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This little guide will tell you the best way to hide channels on Roku easily which is ideal for any reason concerning minors and adult content.

Roku is an organization that offers a scope of administrations you can prefer to associate your TV to the web. A portion of these incorporate; USB sticks, Set-top boxes, and so on. Can You Hide Channels on Roku? Every one of these performs a similar role of assisting the subscribers with looking and selecting their ideal content across different makers. Roku Channels are one of its critical highlights. 

They’re so many and are as old as standard channels seen on traditional TV.

Roku channels are the avenue distinctive content makers and different sellers use to arrange different mixed media required by individuals. 

Their audience continues to develop because of this content. 

Among the various channels presented by Roku, there may be some you should seriously think about unseemly for the individuals from your family, particularly if you have underage children. 

Roku offers uncountable channels, and not all are reasonable for minors.

This is the place where the parental control included on Roku proves to be useful. Can You Hide Channels on Roku? With the assistance of this specific component, it is presently simple for guardians to hide a few channels they consider unacceptable for their children and keep their children from adding any paid subscriptions.

Can You Hide Channels on Roku:

This can be done by setting up a 4-digit PIN to keep them from adding any unwanted channel to the Roku account. It is basic for guardians to accept this since, on Roku, like other streaming stages, there are various explicit contents.

This is the way to access and Hide channels for your Roku gadget.

  1. Significant definitions:

Roku Hidden or Private Channels – On Roku, various channels can be looked at and added with your carefulness. These classifications of channels are referred to as covered-up or private channels. Various organizations reserve the option to concoct their channel and distribute it through the channel listings.

4-Digit Pin – With the assistance of this PIN, you can set a limit to what channel can be added to your Roku account. Can You Hide Channels on Roku? It’s critical to take note that this PIN doesn’t keep anybody from browsing specific X-rated titles or keep previously loaded X-rated channels from being watched.

Step-by-step instructions to Create your special PIN for Roku Parental Control.

  • To start with, through your internet browser or cell phone, you want to Log in to your Roku account.
  • Explore to PIN preference, click on Update.
  • Select any PIN preferences of your decision. If you need an undeniable level access restriction, you want to choose “always require a PIN to add channels and make buys from the store.”
  • From here, a brief will spring up for you to make a PIN. Enter and check a 4-digit PIN of your decision.
  • Explore Parental Controls, pick small children, small children, or teenagers needs a PIN for any depicted content. Click on Save Changes.
  • After setting every one of these, your kids will currently require a PIN to make any buy or add any channel from the store. This permits you to check to assume the content is great for them.

How Roku Channels can be removed utilizing a Pin:

At the point when you’ve effectively made your extraordinary PIN, you can remove a channel of your decision. 

For example, a Movie store, News, TV store can be covered up and taken out from your home screen. Can You Hide Channels on Roku? 

  • From your Roku controller, select My Channels, which can be seen on the Roku home screen.
  • Cautiously look to the specific channel you expect to remove, then, at that point, select the Options button (i.e., the * key) on your remote.
  • Click channel and afterward select OK. You need to rehash a similar interaction if you’re invited to endorse the channel removal.
  • This is a similar interaction you’ll utilize when you need to remove some other channel. From your iOS/Android, you can likewise utilize the Roku application to remove your picked channels.

What are the ways to hide the Movie Store and TV Store

Aside from having the option to remove any station, you can likewise go further and hide the TV store thing and the Movie Store. Can You Hide Channels on Roku? This is significant because by hiding them, it will not be using any means to tempt your children. Follow the means underneath;

  • From the Roku home page, click on Settings, and then, Home Screen.
  • At the point when it opens, there is an arrow at the right corner; select it, then, at that point, continue.
  • From the following page, click on the TV Store and Movie Store, then, at that point, pick Hide.

Restricting access on Roku TV

If you’re utilizing Roku TV, you have the advantage to restrict access depending upon film/TV appraisals. When any program is outside the predetermined rating, it will naturally be blocked.

Follow these means beneath:

  • On your Roku TV controller, press the Home button.
  • Explore down utilizing the directional button, then, at that point, select Settings >>>Parental controls.
  • Activate parental control by turning it on. At this crossroads, you would now be able to set the ideal film/TV rating limits. Then again, you can even choose to block it.
  • Any program that is blocked won’t show sound, video, or even title description except if the Roku PIN is entered.


The parental control highlight is helpful. In any case, a few guardians or parents probably shouldn’t utilize the component because Roku can’t set up individual profiles. 

The implication is that; a parent will be likely to utilize similar controls. 

Be that as it may, this can be kept away from by disabling and re-enabling it at each given time.

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