How can I fix error code 014 on my Roku? error code 014

In some cases, the Roku streaming gadgets may confront a few issues and demonstrate within the Roku error codes. These issues may require some efficient troubleshooting. Furthermore, by obtaining suitable specialized assistance, you can resolve, these issues by easy means.


The Roku error code 014 is an exceptionally normal error and typically the significant explanation for other errors, for example, 011. The error code 014 connotes that the gadget is finding it extreme to get an interface with the Wi-Fi organization. The Roku streaming gadget is designed in such a manner, it naturally downloads and introduces the latest software, at whatever point associated with the organization. However, on occasion, you may visualize the message cautioning that Roku is unfit to get an interface with the local network or ‘error code 011’. This demonstrates that the product update failed on your Roku streaming gadget. The failure is because of the explanation that the Roku device can’t get its product update to interface with the Roku Software Update Server.


By and large, Roku clients appreciate consistent streaming without any interferences or issues of that sort. The solitary blemish with the Roku streaming gadget is getting the error codes. Roku may demonstrate some error codes to show something isn’t right with it. The Roku error code 014 is a very normal one and it ordinarily means that the gadget is thinking that it’s hard to interface with the Wi-Fi organization. In this blog entry, we will offer you a response to the inquiry ‘How would I fix error code 014 on my Roku’


What is Roku error code 014? 


On occasion, you may imagine the message saying error code 014 which demonstrates a network issue. Roku not interfacing with the wi-fi network, perhaps the most well-known issue. When the error code 014 showcases on the screen, you need to reboot your switch.


Roku Error Code 014 is known as when Roku gadget getting an error while interfacing with the Internet/Wireless organization. At the point when you are setting up your Roku gadget for your organization then you get this error.


If you are battling with a similar irritating issue, look at the accompanying strides to fix the Roku error code 14.


Potential explanations for error code 014 or Roku not interfacing with wi-fi organization 


After getting various reports from different clients, we have investigated the reasons because of which this error is trigger. The potential causes are:


  • Incorrect Wi-Fi qualifications In the vast majority of the cases, it is seen that the error code is caused because of incorrect Wi-Fi details entered by a client. Roku gadgets are needed to build up a safe Wi-Fi association and if the details of the remote organization are entered erroneously, it will bring about error code 014.


  • Cache-Certain store on the TV, Roku gadget, or your internet router gets debased after some time because of which Roku error code 014 is set off.


  • Mac separating-If the Mac id for your Roku gadget is restricted on the wireless router then your Roku will not associate with the remote organization and will show an error message.


  • Router’s separation from TV and Device.


  • Problem with network settings.


  • Antivirus or firewall may have obstructed the entrance of Roku to the Internet.


  • You may have empowered the white rundown on your gadget.


How Do I Fix Roku Error Code 014 On My Roku? 


Presently, that you have a fundamental thought of why Roku isn’t associating with the Wi-fi network, you can move towards the arrangements. Ensure you follow these investigating steps carefully.


  • First of all, check your password and ensure that you have embedded the right one.


  • Always place your router inside the space of 20 feet from your TV. Significant distance frequently makes the sign powerless. Additionally, the router range gives a restricted reach in the shut regions.


  • Check your network settings altogether. Helpless organization settings can likewise cause error 014.


  • You need to re-design your network settings.


  • Make sure to debilitate the white rundown on your Roku gadget if you have empowered it.


  • Disable the firewall and Antivirus choices.


  • Turn off your Router gadget and hang tight for 5 seconds and turn it on once more.


Assuming you are as yet not ready to determine the issue, you can attempt these high-level investigating steps to fix error code 014.


Incapacitate Network Pings


You can fix the error by showing the organization pings utilizing Roku far off. Press the home button 5 times and afterward press the forward and play buttons. Presently, you need to press the play, forward, and rewind button all at the same time. You will be shown with the stage screen menu; click on ‘Debilitate network pings’. This will help you fix the Roku error code 014.


Power cycling the gadgets 


As examined above, now and again the reserve is ruin and can forestall an association of the Roku gadget to the wireless network. In that circumstance, you can do a forced cycle.


  1. Then eliminate ‘Roku’ from the control center. Force it OFF.


  1. Next mood killer your control center. Force OFF your internet router.


  1. Then sit tight for some time and afterward plug them back into the power source.


  1. Also, turn the gadgets ON turn by turn.


  1. Then associate the Roku to the control center.


These investigating steps will help you if your Roku isn’t interfacing with the wi-fi organization. To become familiar with how to fix error code 014 on my Roku, you can contact our specialized specialists and request their assistance.


Programming update 


Have a go at associating with an extra Network, if not connected, or try utilizing another hooked gadget, for example, the specific Smartphone or some other android device. You can check the Wi-Fi area of interest and can interface the Roku gadget of the client to that network. Additionally, have a go at associating straightforwardly with the internet link which provides the best speed when contrasted with wireless availability and may resolve the Roku can’t interface with nearby network error or 014 error code issues.


Utilize the Roku remote to open and open the “Secret Screen” for refreshing the software. The series of catches to be squeezed for opening the “secret screen” by pressing the home key 5 times. And afterward, press multiple times the Forward button and 2 times the Rewind button. Presently the client will want to find and choose the “Update Software” choice. Before the update, the gadget gets its boot without help from anyone else. Presently you can likewise wind down the Network Pings setting even after programming software update. Discover “disable network pings” on the menu, after opening the mysterious screen utilizing a similar technique. And afterward, open the network pings setting and disable the organization pings.


Still not supportive? Find support from Experts! 


We are certain that in the wake of playing out these investigating steps, you will want to determine the Roku Error Code 014. However, even after that, you see this error on your screen then likely there is an issue with your network settings or some other gadget that may be hindering your Roku’s admittance to the Router.


To determine that issue, you will require assistance from a specialist who can check, discover the genuine reason for this error, and can fix it for you. You can reach out to specialists or go ahead and visit our site at present!