How to use Roku without a credit card | Peacock streaming Roku

Peacock streaming Roku: We all know that the Roku platform is one of the highest well-known streaming devices. Firstly, it offers the maximum collection of all streaming platforms and as the day passes by more channels are added to its channel list. With Roku, there are few restrictions to which show you can stream, going from documentaries, academic content, films, shows, sports, humor, kids channels, and more channels that would keep one interested in the screen the entire day.

You can have a larger part of content accessible on Roku than on some other streaming platforms available. Not only the prevailing Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, but hundreds of additional channels running the range from films and TV to songs, athletics, to Everything Else.

Besides, Roku is the simplest device to put up. All essentials are internet connectivity and a Mastercard or PayPal profile to enroll your device on the web and nothing else. Roku stores your sensitive information of Visa or PayPal also the invoice data for on-screen in-application buys

The first step is to activate the Roku account

A Roku account is necessary to stream channels on Roku, so you need to first create a Roku Account, and then afterward you can add channels and start streaming content on your streaming setup. You also need to consistently activate and set up a Roku device with a true Roku account 

Create and activate Roku with PayPal
If you might want to join the Roku device without giving your Mastercard or invoice information. In the account option, you’ll see the choice to refresh your payment plan. PayPal is a feasible alternative for a credit card to set up Roku. The main advantage is it doesn’t drive you to upload a lot of data on the site.

Make use of the step-by-step key points below to set the Roku account not using a Credit card:

Firstly, you need to put up the Roku device and be moved to the Roku login site.

There, you can complete the Roku account setup.

Secondly, choose the My Account option and then select Create Account.

Register the email ID and create a password for your Roku TV account.

Complete confirmation that you are a human and move to the other step.

Now you need to accept and confirm the PIN for your Roku account and select require a PIN for all proceedings. This will benefit you at the time of downloading the channels from the Roku channel store.

Thirdly, you need to enter the billing information. Be careful, you must choose the Paypal method from the choices available and fill in the Paypal email ID, address, and phone number, and click Submit.

This will directly take you to the Paypal website to log in and confirm that you are connecting Roku to Paypal.

After that, use another web browser and go back to the Roku login website.

Choose My Roku Account, and you can click Add a payment method to buy the Payment method comment.

Proceed and select Link a Device. Finally, continue with the instructions to link the device, and this finishes the Roku Account setup.

That is it, you got your Roku without giving your credit card details.

As now your Roku is registered and connected, you can access it as you normally do. You can see whatever channels you like, as they’re many free channels or they’re membership channels like Netflix or Hulu where you have a login 

Create and activate Roku by using details of an inactive card

Go to the official Roku site to enlist. 

Go to the Sign-in option. Choose the subsequent option, and make a Roku account. Then register your email address and select a security key you can recall 

On the next page, again enter your security key. Select Credit Card on the invoice page. Enter the inactive card information.

Now register your mobile number and address. Return to the site and reload.

If you attempt to buy with your account, you will receive the ‘Add Payment Method’ popup to buy. The popup implies you have effectively made a free Roku account without giving your valid Visa information. 

You won’t be charged to see free shows. This method is for clients who want to try Roku without giving private information. In any case, if you want to shift to a paid channel, you need to alter the billing info by using an active card on your Roku account.


You can now easily utilize Roku without providing any of your Visa, debit card, PayPal, banking, or other data on the document. You can even make use of a different name and address on the off chance that you wish to keep complete privacy. It will keep their information safe and won’t allow anybody to see what you are doing or looking at on Roku.