Roku com link to Get Amazon Prime Video on Your Roku Device

Amazon Prime Video has been offering a wide variety of interesting content for streaming. With almost all genres covered, Amazon has been constantly improving its streaming game since it came into the industry. It has something for everyone. From documentaries, blockbuster movies, and hit shows to kids’ programs to some really interesting originals, Amazon Prime Video has really taken the competition quite seriously on the Roku com link.

For Roku device owners, Amazon Prime Video on link activation Roku is available along with other options like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and more. When one can have so many options available on a single platform, who wouldn’t enjoy this luxury? On-demand TV is everything nowadays. And with Roku, you can get it at an incredibly affordable price.

It barely takes any time to add Amazon Prime Video to your Roku. You can add Amazon if you have a basic idea about adding channels. However, if you haven’t added channels before, we’ll explain it to you. Go through the following set of instructions to get an idea.

  • Switch on your Roku streaming device and establish its connection with your TV.
  • Go to the Home screen and then to the Channel Store.
  • Look for Amazon Prime Video and go to the page.
  • Add it by selecting the ‘Add Channel’ option.
  • Enter your Amazon credentials when prompted.
  • Now you can start using Amazon Prime Video on Roku.

Wasn’t it easy? You’d be happy to know that you can add it through your mobile app as well. If you haven’t subscribed to Amazon Prime Video yet, you’ll have to subscribe to it before you can enjoy the several programs available on it.

If you’re not able to add Amazon Prime Video or facing any problem, try switching off your Roku player and your TV and turning them on again. In case the problem still persists, you can get help from a professional. Call us now!

Enjoying Variety of Programs

Once added to your Roku, Amazon Prime Video can offer a huge selection of shows and movies. Some of the top-rated TV shows include Fleabag, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Hannibal, the American and many more. You can also catch the latest blockbusters on your Roku TV on the Roku com link. Contact us!