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Roku Error Code 014.40 happens when your Roku TV or streaming player can’t associate with the web. Slow web or free internet cable can cause errors with your Roku TV. To fix Roku Error Code 014.40 on the Roku gadget, follow the troubleshooting strategy listed underneath.

This code implies that your Roku gadget is associated with the switch yet can’t interface with the Internet. If there is no association, then, at that point, contact your ISP for help. If your PC has a web association, yet you actually see error 014.40, if it’s not too much trouble, restart your Roku gadget.

How would I fix Roku Error Code 014.40? 

Follow the simple tasks to fix the “can’t connect with your wireless network” error message on Roku TV. Here, you see the guide on what is error code, causes, and troubleshooting steps to fix them.

How about we start.

What is Roku Error Code 014.40?

Roku Error Code 014.40 refers to an error message that happens when your Roku Tv or Roku streaming player can’t associate with the web. For appropriate streaming of the Roku TV sound and video, you’ll have to quick web at your home organization. If there is no problem with the web arrangement between the Roku gadget and your Router, then, at that point, contact your ISP.

Beneath this article, you’ll see the causes and techniques to fix Roku Error Code 014.40.


  • DNS Cache: Internet is disabled while speaking with the switch. This is because your switch’s covered-up DNS arrangement is incorrect. Therefore, DNS is restricted in terms of connectivity.
  • Poor Internet connection: Roku gadgets need a quick Internet association with an interface with streaming content. When associating with a data set, you frequently get disconnected because of a slow Internet association.
  • Gadget configuration: In many cases, the gadget has an inner issue and can’t associate with the server. System software can create inner issues. Inefficiencies happen when usefulness is restricted or the system is compromised.
  • Loose cables: Some cables may not interface appropriately with the gadget. Some of them can twist and loosen during preparation. Ensure each cable is appropriately associated and there are no issues with the cables.

Troubleshooting Steps to fix Roku Error Code 014.40 

Step-1: Restart your Roku gadget and the router

Sometimes Roku gadgets fix the actual error itself after restarting. You really want to restart both your Roku gadget and switch. This is the first and quick method for settling issues with your Roku TV. See underneath how to restart your Roku gadget and the router.

Steps to restart your Roku player-

  1. Click the Home symbol on your Roku remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select System and afterward click System restart.
  4. Alternatively, you essentially turn off the Roku player from the power source and plug it back in.
  5. To restart your router, turn off the router from the power source and plug it back in.
  6. Wait until both the Roku gadget and the router restart appropriately.
  7. Go to step-2 to fix the issues.

Step-2: Begin the association check

To start the association keep an eye on your Roku TV, follow the listed advances:

  1. Click the Home symbol on your Roku remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select Network.
  4. Select check connection.

Note: If your Roku gadget isn’t associated with an organization, you won’t see them take a look at association choice. Just association arrangement choices are shown. You should connect your Roku gadget to your organization and web to continue.

This outcome will show up on your Roku Player when the Network association check was successful.

Note: If your Home web network signal strength is weak and Internet download speed is terrible, then, at that point, go to the next stage and follow the listed method to fix it.

Step-3: Resetting Network Setting

Some of the time Roku players show an error when its administrations are corrupted. Thus, we’re here to recommend network settings for your Roku player. This will assist you with fixing the organizational issues with the Roku gadget. Network resetting will make changes to your gadget to default settings. After resetting, you should add your home organization manually.

Follow the means to start Roku network reset-

  1. Start your Roku Player and sign in to your Roku account.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select System.
  4. Choose System restart and afterward click on Network association reset.
  5. Now, your gadget will begin the Network reset. Delay until the cycle wrapped up.
  6. Once the organization resetting is done, then, at that point, set up your Internet association with your Roku gadget once more.
  7. Check if the error continues once more, then, at that point, follow the last steps to resolve your Streaming gadget issues.

Step-4: Factory Reset

When there are no issues with the home web organization but you still get Roku Error Code 014.40, it means your streaming gadget is impacted by bugs or some unknown glitch. To remove bugs from your Roku player, you should reset the gadget with the Factory reset setting.

See the means to begin Factory reset setting on Roku gadget

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select Advanced system settings.
  3. Click Factory reset.
  4. Wait until the Factory reset is done.
  5. Setup again your Roku gadget.
  6. Check If the error persists once more, then, at that point, contact support.

In this article, you found useful troubleshooting steps to fix Roku Error Code 014.40. We trust that the techniques are useful and your concern is present history. If the error is not fixed at this point and persists once more, you really want to contact Roku Support. 

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