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So Disney launched the much-awaited Disney Plus streaming channel with over 500 movies and 7500 TV episodes for the fans to stream on-demand. Some of the users experienced technical difficulties as the traffic was much more than anticipated. Every time the users wanted to log in to their accounts they met an error message instead of the home screen with the list of movies and shows to watch. Some users went to the length of posting screenshots of what they were seeing as an error which was cross-platform be it iPhones or Android or Amazon. To resolve any issues you just need to visit the Roku com link to get your link activation Roku to activate your Roku device.

Disney Plus error resolved on Roku TV
Disney Plus error resolved on Roku TV

Disney released an early morning statement on how consumer demand has exceeded their expectations. They are working on resolving the issues as soon as possible. While they are pleased by the incredible response they are seeing.

Five hours after the launch DownDetector saw an improvement with the errors, some big cities like New York, Houston, LA, Chicago being exceptions and still facing the same error with their passwords or error being displayed after logging in. some users resorted to Twitter to express their concerns about Disney+ not being what they expected. The users unaffected by the glitch said the platform was working fine and they could stream content. For others — the vast majority of members, Disney insiders insisted — the platform appeared to work just fine.

The Mandalorian on Disney Plus
The Mandalorian on Disney Plus

The shares of the channel went up as Wall Street predicted that the tech problems will be solved. The channel costs $7 a month, while it is free for Verizon customers. Disney+ comes with star wars and marvel movies, old Disney branded content.  Also, it has new TV series The Mandalorian, Lady and the Tramp. It is seen in the past that big companies like Facebook had experienced such glitches in the past. So, we can give a pass to Disney on this as well.

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Since the app is so new some users understand about the issues saying while watching the show they can see a circle in the middle of the screen keeps on spinning which is annoying but understandable that Disney needs to fix all these bugs since it’s in the initial phase which will take time to resolve. You can contact our expert support staff to fix any issues with your link activation Roku.

Disney+ on Roku at Link activation Roku

Disney will arrive in New Zealand, Australia, Puerto Rico on Nov 19 may be all the glitches will be resolved. No, users, there will suffer the same errors. European countries will get to subscribe to the service in March. These errors and technical problems will not affect the future launches of the channel. Till then the users can see if their Roku TV is working without any errors so they can subscribe to Disney+ on Roku TV on the Roku com link. Our team is working 24X7 to resolve your issues just contact us.