Link Activation Roku to get Amazon Prime working on Roku

Amazon Prime on Roku is the best due anyone can ask for. Amazon handpicked some great movies for its customers under amazon prime movies. One of the best features of owing Roku is that there are many ways you can customize your Roku according to your needs and requirements on link activation Roku.

Amazon Prime On link activation Roku
Amazon Prime On link activation Roku

Do you want to add Amazon Prime Video on Roku? Have a problem playing the video on Roku? Want to know some easy troubleshooting steps to get it working? Even after following the steps issue is not resolved then it’s recommended to seek assistance from the Roku team. Now follow these steps to add amazon prime to your Roku device.

Add amazon prime video to Roku

Link activation Roku to activate Roku TV
Link activation Roku to activate Roku TV

Amazon Prime Video is a channel and the process of adding a channel to Roku is the same. If you have already added the channel to Roku then you don’t need to follow the steps and directly go and add. If you haven’t added any channels, then follow the below mentioned for the same:

  • Turn on your Roku device and go to the Roku Home screen
  • Press< Home Button on Roku remote
  • Open the channel store< go to left < select streaming channels
  • Scroll down or type on the Amazon Prime Video channel
  • On the Amazon Prime video page simply select < add channel option

After this, you can see amazon prime video along with other channels

Roku Mobile App

Get Roku streaming TV on link activation Roku
Get Roku streaming TV on link activation Roku
  • Open Roku mobile app on the phone
  • Select the < channel store and channel icon at the bottom of the app
  • Look for the Amazon Prime video and select it
  • Add channel

Once you have added amazon prime video now log in to your Amazon account with credentials. Once you are done with the login, Roku will save the details for future use.

Link activation Roku to activate Roku TV activation Roku to activate Roku TV

Sometimes, even after following all the steps amazon prime video doesn’t work on Roku. If you are facing any issue with amazon prime video not working on Roku the follow these steps:

  • One of the major reasons for this error can be a low internet connection. Try and restart all the devices like Roku and router.
  • If with a router there are other gadgets connected or some download activity is running, then check for that as well.
  • The best way is to pause all the other activities and give Roku full bandwidth of the internet connection.
  • For Amazon prime not working on the Roku issue check for a firmware update.
  • Even after the above steps Roku is not working properly then contact your ISP (Internet service provider)

With that said, Roku is an electronic gadget that can make an error due to some unknown reasons also. At this time, rather than wasting time and money, it’s best to contact the Roku support team for quick assistance. Our team is trained and experienced in resolving the Roku issue in no time! At our Roku customer support service, we have no call wait time at link activation Roku.

Happy Streaming!!!