Link activation Roku to Learn About the Hidden Features of Roku TV

Roku has brought a new wave in the streaming industry by providing a wonderful array of features and channels to users. Today, there are nearly 27 million or even more Roku users across the world. That’s a huge number indeed. But only a tiny percentage of this number knows the tricks about operating Roku efficiently on link activation Roku.

Effective streaming is not limited to having access to different channels. With knowledge of some clever tricks, you can get to know many advanced features of Roku which may otherwise seem hidden. With these advanced features, you’ll be able to enjoy all the programs in a much better way.

Take a look at some advanced features of Roku and some tricks to access them. Activate your Roku Today Only!
Roku Private Channels on Link activation Roku
  • Private Channel Access: Private channels are generally hidden and you can only access them via Roku search. These can be activated through a unique code that you will receive when you go ahead to activate them.
  • Screensavers: Roku offers the screensaver option for times when you’re not actively indulging in viewing. With different setting modes, you can choose any one screensaver such as a picture, weather info, or just the Roku logo.
  • Roku Casting: With this feature, you can stream programs from your mobile through an app. It lets you use your mobile device or your Roku remote for controlling your streaming activities.
  • Screen Mirroring: It lets you stream a variety of programs from any mobile app. You’ll be able to control all your streaming activities from your mobile.
  • Picture Quality Option: If you haven’t subscribed to HD channels, don’t worry. You can change the picture quality and get a higher-quality display for your content.
  • Universal Search: There are times you may not remember a movie’s name but may remember the cast and director. Roku allows you to search for a movie or show not just through the title but also other aspects of a program.
  • Voice Remote: Yes, you read it right. The Roku voice remote (a tabletop remote) allows you to navigate through the Roku menu just by voice commands. The great thing is that you can also use your Roku app for the same purpose.
  • Automatic Volume Leveling: When activated, this feature allows an automatic increase or decrease in the sound level at a point in time to avoid the too low or high sound.
Link Activation Roku

What features are available for you?

While you start looking for these features, you must know that all of these features may not be available in your version. Certain versions come with updated versions. While a few features can be found across most generations of Roku players, some specific ones may only be accessed in the top-of-the-line versions like Roku Ultra.

If you want to know more about these features and the correct way to use them, you must get in touch with us. Our team is available round-the-clock for any kind of assistance for your Roku streaming player or Roku TV. Call us anytime and let us know your problem. We’ll be happy to help at Link activation Roku!