create account to create a user account on Roku TV?

Create account at roku-com-link-create-account

You’ve got yourself a Roku TV and you have successfully installed all the hardware now you ask yourself a few questions to finish the installation and start binging on the shows. Do you need to create a Roku account? Well yes, you do need to create a Roku account to move further. Do you need to provide the payment details even when you don’t intend to make a purchase? Keep on reading to get the answers to all the questions that are storming in your head and know how to create the account on create account

Create a Roku account on roku-com-link-create-account

To stream anything or add any channel on Roku you do need to create a valid account on Roku TV. You can easily create the Roku account at and you get to do all this free of cost. 

You might be wondering what is a Roku account and why do you need to create one at create account?

Your valid Roku account stores the information about the Roku streaming device that you are currently using at your home and the channels that you have already installed on your Roku TV. It also contains information such as the TV preferences that have been observed until now on Roku TV along with the settings that you have changed over time. It is necessary to have a Roku account with a valid email address to associate with your Roku account in order to effectively manage your purchases on the Roku account

unlimited entertainment after creating account at Create a Roku account on roku-com-link-create-account

You will be able to receive all the important notifications regarding your Roku account created on create account which you can manage easily if you have created the account correctly. We have all the information here for you to create your Roku account with ease. We suggest you note down the email account that you are going to use to create the account. Also, choose a strong and secure password for your account. This will all come in handy and has its own significance. 

Why do I need to create a Roku account on link activation Roku?

You know about all the channels and streaming content that Roku TV provides you before you can stream any of the content over the internet for channels like Hulu, HBO NOW, or The Roku Channel you need to link activate Roku on your streaming device. You also need to download and install all these channel’s apps on your Roku TV. To get all this done on your Roku account at create account you need to first link your Roku device to your Roku account. 

Get Spotify on Roku TV
Get Spotify on Roku TV

The perks of having a Roku account are endless. You not only can add channels from the Roku Channel Store, but you can also manage all your subscriptions and all the linked devices, have the details of all the purchases made and update your preferences of the subscriptions that you need and how to change your PIN and payment method. 

How do I create a Roku account at create account?

Once you have successfully activated your Roku streaming device you need to link it to your Roku account. If you don’t have a pre-existing account you will be prompted to create one to move further. Keep in mind that there are no fees involved in creating a Roku account, but you will be asked to provide payment details, for instance, your credit card details or PayPal information to set up a Roku account. Providing a payment method while registering and creating an account will let you make a purchase or subscribe to a channel and get the services on Roku TV that you want from the Roku Channel Store. You can add channels and premium subscriptions on The Roku Channel rent or buy movies and TV shows. You can also purchase Roku device upgrades along with new offers and accessories. 

ABC after creating a Roku account
ABC after creating a Roku account

Adding a payment method while creating the account on create account that is convenient for you in the long run so we don’t recommend you skip this one step. It won’t charge your card or payment account anything unless and until you have taken an additional service or are already signed up for a subscription.

One additional feature that you can enjoy has all your Roku devices interlinked to each other using just one account created at create account. This feature is helpful in syncing all your device information for your ease and has all your account details and preferences in just one place. This will give you access to personalize your Roku experience and grants access to services like liking Roku streaming devices, downloading unlimited channels to binge on with new shows releasing every other day. 

You get to synchronize channels all across multiple Roku devices so you don’t require creating a different account for each and every Roku device you have at your place. You can also sign in to your Roku account from a third-party device like a smart TV or a smartphone, tablet, or a computer regardless of the brand and have a similar uninterrupted experience across all devices. 

Enjoy movies and shows on Roku TV create account

Create a Roku account at create account by activating your Roku streaming device and launch the official Roku channel on your smart TV or any other output device that you want to watch it on. Right when you switch on the Roku player or Roku TV, a setup that has all the guidelines along with the necessary information being prompted. This will help you establish a strong connection with the device. While you are activating the device to a pre-existing Roku device you have a window of time for Roku link activation code to get the device started.

You can learn about the whole activation process reading further to help you link the Roku device to your now created Roku account. For additional help to resolve any issues you can learn to troubleshoot the error at create account to understand the whole activation process. You need to find and apply the information that is specifically for the model of the Roku device that you are using currently since all of them have different features and settings. 

You can easily create the account at link activation Roku using the following steps: 

  • If you don’t already have the compatible Roku Channel to your streaming device then install it with the help of a high-speed internet connection. 
  • Now you need to launch The Roku Channel and use your Roku remote to navigate around the screen. 
  • Select the option to create a free Roku account. You can choose the option to receive the sign-in link via a text message and follow all the on-screen instructions that are being prompted to move to the further step.   
  • You have to make sure that the sign-in link is valid for 10 minutes needs to be entered within that time window or it is going to get expired and won’t work any longer. For the latter case, you can try to get the link using any other method or choose to resend the link activation Roku code to try once again. 
  • Now click and tap into the sign-in link that is sent along with the text message. A browser usually opens up within a few seconds of it taking you to the account creation page. 
  • Now you can click on the submit button and when you are done creating your Roku account you will be automatically be signed in to the Roku Channel in the web browser. It will take a few minutes but after a while, you will also be signed in your Roku TV as well to your brand new Roku account.

With Roku TV you have the liberty to subscribe or unsubscribe to any services at your own ease. You can choose from thousands of shows and movies to watch. You have the liberty to start watching a show on-demand at any time or to stop and resume watching the same show at any time that too on any of the devices that you have signed in to your Roku account at create account.

Get Deezer on Roku TV
Get Deezer on Roku TV

To navigate around you Roku TV you can use your Roku remote or Roku app which you can download on your mobile phones. You need to tap into the settings icon in the top left corner to change the settings according to your preference and needs. These features will help you navigate around and have a good streaming experience. 

Once you have all the steps completed to register the device and account you can easily link it to the devices and watch all the HD content at the top of your remote. You can subscribe to all the major streaming services like Netflix on Roku, Hulu on Roku, Amazon Prime and many more under one streaming platform. You can create the account as soon as you reach create account following all the necessary steps that are provided to you to make the transition easy for you. If you still have any issues regarding your Roku link activation code contact our team of experts to assist you through it. 

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