Roku Remote Not Working Error on roku link | Roku remote link

Roku is a streaming device that delivers high-quality content. Connect a device to your television to watch online content on the big screen. All you need is high-speed internet and an innovative Roku device on the Roku c m link. If you have good internet speed in your household then Roku works best and delivers high-quality output to your device like a smartphone or television. Read more about the Roku remote not working.

So if you are using Roku for a while and suddenly you’re Roku remote stops working. This can be very annoying but don’t worry it can be easily fixed in no time. Before you start troubleshooting you should know which Roku remote you own. Any issue with your remote contact us! Below is a brief list of Roku remote ships with your streaming stick or player.

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    If you are facing Roku remote not working issue, you need assistance. Call our technicians now!

    Roku IR Remote

    1.Roku LT

    2.Roku HD, XD

    3.Roku N1

    4.Roku Express

    Voice & Gaming Remote

    1.Roku 4

    2.Roku Ultra

    3.Roku 2

    4.Roku Streaming

    Please check for some basic troubleshooting steps for the Roku remote that is not working:

    Link Activation Roku

    Link Activation Roku

    • Remove the batteries from the remote and look carefully at the battery compartment and check for the purple button on the remote.
    • Unplug the power from the Roku
    • Wait for 5 seconds and reconnect the power back to Roku.
    • Look for the Roku banner on the screen and put the batteries back to the Roku.
    • Press the button in the battery compartment for 5 seconds.
    • Wait for Roku to finish booting up.
    If you are facing Roku remote not working issue, you need assistance. Call our technicians now!

    Now, you should be good to go for unlimited entertainment. But even after trying this quite a few times, your Roku remote is still not working, so it’s always best to take assistance from the Roku experts. As Roku offers great entertainment to its users, they also have an experienced Roku team for assistance.

    The Roku support team is well versed with all Roku streaming devices and their technical requirements. Your one-stop solution for any Roku issue is the Roku team. Get in touch now!