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Roku Troubleshooting Steps

Roku Streaming Device Troubleshooting

When you begin your Roku activation process you might come across some issues at times. Sometimes you may face some log-in errors and sometimes it might just be an internet connectivity issue. But for any problem that you face, our Roku troubleshooting experts are always available. Here are some of the major errors that Roku users may face.

Roku Common Error Code

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    • 1. Error code 001: This is a login error and generally appears when the link between your Roku device and cannot be set up.
    • 2. Error code 003: This error may come up if your Roku device is running on old software.
    • 3. Error code 009: This is a connectivity error indicating that your Roku device is not connected to the internet despite being connected to the router.
    • 4. Error code 011: It occurs when your Roku account and device are not synchronized.
    • 5. Error code 012: This type of error crops up due to poor internet connection.
    • 6. Error code 014: This error comes up when your Roku device is not connected to the internet.
    • 7. Error code 016: This one again is an internet connectivity issue.

    These errors can cause unnecessary delays in your activation procedure. But you don’t need to worry. We’ve got some simple guidelines for you that you can follow when faced with such errors.

    Roku Device

    What to Do When Facing a Roku Error Code?

    Wondering how to deal with Roku error issues? Here’s what you can do if a Roku error appears on your TV screen.

    • Check which error code it is and refer to our aforementioned error code guide.
    • If it is an internet connectivity error, check your router and try to reconnect your Roku device to it. If the error still persists, contact your internet service provider.
    Internet On Roku
    • In case of a login error, try to log in again and make sure that you use the correct credentials.
    How To Create A Roku Account
    • If you’re facing issues in the activation process, try the activation process once again with step-by-step correctly
    • Ensure that the Link Activation Roku code that you’ve entered is correct
    • Check whether is device is connected to your TV via the correct ports.
    roku tv port
    Roku via TV Port

    If an error still persists despite trying to resolve it, do not rush. Take a breath and relax. Our team is available 24/7 for any kind of errors that you may face in your Roku device and activation. All you need to do is to give us a call and let us know your problem and we’ll take it from there.

    Our experts will make sure that your Roku device gets activated as soon as possible so that you’re able to enjoy unobstructed TV shows and movies. Our team has a sound understanding of the Roku activation process and Roku devices. We’ll ensure that all your Roku troubleshooting happens quickly and effectively. Contact us today for all your Roku activation issues.