Roku com link to Watch Terminator, Dark fate: Grace steals the show

It’s a thrilling week for all the terminator fans with the release of the new movie. Before heading to the theaters you can relive the whole terminator series on the Roku com link after the link activation of your Roku stream TV. Fan favorites Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are back with Terminator: Dark fate being the sixth part of the Terminator franchise, also, the movie proves to be more of a do-over than a reboot since the last sequel.

Terminator starring Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Terminator starring Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Back in the 90s, The Terminator was a franchise that dived into a dystopian Robo-filled world that was ruthless and post-apocalyptic that made ways in sci-fi video games. The movie had a ruthless attitude in the form of an android kill-machine. The new Terminator will keep you glued to the screen with amazing effects and CGI effects with an equally amazing story that is filled with Terminator action kick with smartly done thriller storytelling. The one who steals the show in the movie is Grace played by Mackenzie Davis, read on to find out how she plays the most important role in the movie.

Spoilers ahead!!!!!

Watch terminator on Roku com link

This isn’t your usual sequel or a remake but Terminator: Dark Fate proves to be very optimistic with an end to all the chaos giving us all the closure that we needed in the form of this do-over. This movie is produced by James Cameron directed by Tim Miller. The movie is an enthralling installment for fans living up to the hype of it. The movie has come up with new characters and situations for this storyline. This movie brings up flesh on the Robo-metallic body. Roku com link.

Terminator on Roku com link
Terminator on Roku com link

Dani Ramos played by Natalia Reyes a young woman who works with her brother in Mexico City. She is a very determined and unremarkably strong character. She is like a reprised version of Sarah Connor from previous parts of the Terminator — who needs to be protected at all costs so that the future battle doesn’t get to a point of the deadly end of humans. In the movie, we are made to assume that she will give birth to a future leader who will fight the war against the machines but in reality, the story unfolds as she will lead the humans in the fight against the machines, hence they want her dead, she is the John.

Mackenzie Davis  in TERMINATOR: DARK FATE
Mackenzie Davis in TERMINATOR: DARK FATE


The film has a ruthless Terminator villain played by Gabriel Luna who is an advanced terminator with very strong abilities to melt into and reshape which makes him very hard to kill. He is assigned this destructive mission to kill Dani so that she is no threat to the machine revolution. We see him enjoying his destructive mission killing everywhere he goes creating a mess and he doesn’t seem to die no matter what. He can shapeshift and separate into a skeleton and have it work in a team for all the destruction. It’s like black tar is the new mercury. When he is cut or injured the black liquid drips down and reforms back. It’s so gripping to watch him do all the cool stuff being the bad guy here.  

This time the fight is against legion, being an upgrade to Skynet the murderous computer machine-mind on the mission to destroy all humans. Also, the movie reprises the most classic element of the series, Sarah Connor played by Linda Hamilton who is an outlaw fighting terminator.  Also, killing them ever since Arnold’s T-800 killed her son John played by Edward Furlong. Moreover, she is a badass strong character with guns on the side of canons to fight against machines.

Terminator on Roku com link
Terminator on Roku com link

Special character Grace steals the show

Now let’s talk about the character that steals the whole movie, Grace played by Mackenzie Davis who is sent from the future to protect Dani. We loved how the movie revolves around strong female characters. She is an Augment, being a human with a bionically enhanced body with strength and super-engineered body parts. The twist in the story is she was sent by Dani herself from the future to kill the Terminator. Moreover, she gives a magnetic performance with an energized valor being the focal point of the movie. Her fate is to kill the terminator leading to her own death to protect the future of humans.

Terminator on Roku com link
Terminator on Roku com link

 The character of Sarah coming back after 35 years who are living on booze and drive to kill the terminators. She also acts as a savior for Dani while she is attacked by the Terminator.  Moreover, Sarah feels vengeful towards Arnold’s Terminator for killing her son, John. She is hostile towards him but works with him to protect Dani which is fun to watch. Arnold’s re-appearance is like a closure to the character that we needed and the growth of a machine to develop human-like emotions. How he helps them reach the ultimate goal of killing Rev-9 Terminator who is lethal and hard to kill.

Head to the nearest theatres to get the 4-D experience of the movie and see it for yourself. We suggest you binge-watch all the terminator movies and relive all the moments of the amazing Terminator and Sarah Connor.

Here is a list of all the movies you need to watch on Roku TV which you can activate using link activation Roku.

1. The Terminator

2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

3. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

4. Terminator Salvation

5. Terminator Genisys

6. At last, Terminator: Dark Fate (Head to theatres for this one)

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