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In past years Roku has become an extremely popular name for media streaming devices. The company is offering streaming devices with exceptional features as low as $29.99 to as high as $349.99. Roku has all the outstanding features that a user needs to fulfill all its wishes. An ideal streaming device is that it offers great content to its users and Roku fulfills all that is required on Roku com link.

However, sometimes some common errors occur that can be very annoying for the users. Though some problems can be fixed after following troubleshooting guide some issues need technical assistance. Roku customer support handles all the Roku problems and fixes it quickly. Now, let’s discuss some common Roku problems and their possible fixes!

Fix Roku errors on Roku com link

The most common Roku players come with IR remote except for the Roku Premiere Plus and Ultra streaming device that comes with a “Wi-Fi-Remote” inbuilt. If you have a new Roku player then you can face this issue or connection dropping continuously is the issue faced by Roku user. Check out some possible fixes:

Step 1

Check if the batteries are not dead in your remote.

Step 2

If the connection is dropping then you need to reset the Roku settings.

Step 3

First < Unplug the Roku player < Remove the batteries < Press and Hold A and B button on the remote.

Step 4

Release the button when pairing lights start flashing.

Step 5

Pair the remote with Roku player< Pressing the Pairing button on Roku.

No Audio when streaming

Sometimes no audio issue occurs while watching the channel on the Roku. This can be due to an invalid setting being activated. All you need is the settings below:

Step 1

Find Audio setting < Setting < Audio menu

Step 2

If Optical cable < Audio mode < Dolby Digital

Step 3

If HDMI Cable < Audio Mode < Dolby Digital /DD+

Red LED lamp

Roku Red LED Lamp

In some cases, there is a Red LED lamp flashing on the Roku players. This error means that the Roku player is not receiving enough power. To fix this problem you need to follow these steps

Step 1

Roku is in < Surge protector < Plug the cable into the wall outlet

Step 2

Always use the cable and adapter that comes with the device

Step 3

LED is solid < Roku is overheating < Turn off the Roku

Step 4

After turning off Roku < cool for 10-20 minutes

Step 5

Never place Roku player on Router, Set-up box

Reset Roku

The best option to get rid of all the Roku problem is resetting the Roku players. 2 resetting options are a soft reset and a hard reset. Follow below steps for the resetting:

  • Soft Reset < Navigate through the menu option
  • Roku Settings < Advanced System Settings < “Factory Reset

 If Roku is not responding at all then it’s time for a hard resetting of the players.

  • On Roku device< locate Reset option
  • Press and Hold button < Light start flashing
  • Roku logo appears on TV Screen

After this, you can enjoy your channels on Roku

Happy streaming!!!

With that said, some issues can only be resolved by an expert to get it fixed. Roku customer support team has years of experience and expertise in resolving the issue at Roku com link. Call us at Toll-Free Number and get your issue fixed instantly! Save money! Save energy!